Nigel’s Surprise Birthday Dinner @ Black Market, Main Place Subang Jaya

3 Oct

I went to Black Market, Main Place celebrating my good friend – Nigel’s birthday on Tuesday. It was Suyin the wife of Nigel who organized the surprise birthday dinner.

Black Market is a Spanish styled restaurant that serves fine dining with wine and dessert. Known for their Guacamole and tender juicy pork ribs served with their house special sauce.

Black Market is decorated with classy black furniture with dark cozy and romantic ambiance, the predominant color scheme of the restaurant very parallels with its name. I would prefer some soothing jazz tunes to add a touch of warmth to the ambiance. The restaurant offers vast selection of quality delights ranging from Spanish to Oriental.
Beside Main Place, Subang Jaya, Black Market has another two branches in Desa Pandan and St. Mary respectively. This is my first time visited the restaurant. Here, the place is not very big yet it is spacious enough. It’s an good idea to have private parties, dinner, casual business meeting, small function or even dates here. Staffs are very friendly and helpful here.
Foods we ordered are:
For starter we have the Sausage Platter (RM28.00) served with grilled giant pork sausage, breakfast sausage and “pigs in blanket”. The sausages with little studs of melting pork fat and traces of spices and white pepper that were flowery and juicy at the same time. Everyone seemed enjoying those sausages.
photo 1 (4)
We also have Nachos with Guacamole (Avocado) Dip (RM15.00), we love their avocado dip!
photo 5 (2)
I ordered Vin de ‘Pork’ (RM38.00), a grilled pork shoulder topped with jamon ham in red wine sauce and poached zucchini. Despite being a recommended dish, I find that the pork is somewhat have a strong porky taste.
photo 2 (2)
The birthday boy ordered Scallop Seafood Olio (RM36.00) where the seafood spaghetti being served with scallops and cooked garlic and Black Market house specialty basic sauce.
Ice had The Five Star Truffle Egg Linguine (RM32.00). Cooked in white sauce, topped with black truffle pate, egg and Parmigiano-Reggiano – the real Parmesan. Combined everything with the egg and black truffle, it brings a heavenly blend of temptations with the creaminess and flavorful taste.  Both the pastas Nigel and Ice ordered are cooked al-dente and well done.
photo 1 (3)
Suyin ordered Black Market’s Grilled Pork Shoulder (RM36). It is almost the same like my Vin de Pork, except that this served with Black Market’s specialty ‘black’ sauce. It’s definitely way tastier than the one I ordered.
photo 3 (2)
Eric got his Wagyu Burger (RM68.00) with a thick slice of beef grilled marginally past medium-rare, partnered with nachos and guacamole. It was so juicy and heavy, making it messy to eat but i love it!
photo 2 (3)
Sunny has ordered The Black Jamon Pizza (RM28.00), thin crust mozzarella-filled pizza topped with jamon iberico and arugula. The crust was thin and crisp. The flavour of arugula blended perfectly with the melted mozzarella and jamon iberico. Simple but delicious!
photo 4 (2)
Ok.. Now is time for pictures with the birthday boy!
photo 5 (1)
My gift to the birthday boy – BALLOONS! :D
photo 5
This cake was awesome!! Suyin bought from a cake shop near their house in Old Klang Road. Damn superb!!
photo 4 (1)
Look at the texture! I am really falling in love with it!
photo 3 (1)
The happy birthday boy..
photo 3
Lovely hubby-wife.
As cute as the balloons.. LOL
I and Eric
photo 2 (1)
Pictures taken by Polaroid camera are always beautiful! I wish i could have one also. :P
photo 1 (1)
Wefie.. Thanks for having me! Also thanks Suyin for the wonderful dinner treat! You guys rock! ;)
photo 1 (2)
Main Place USJ, GF-21 & GF 22, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 21/10, Persiaran Kewajipan 47630 Subang Jaya
Business Hours: -
Tel: +6017-321-8686
GPS Corordinates: 3.025091,101.581654

Non Halal

20 Facts about ME

25 Sep



20 facts about me” is a hit topic lately, i found it quite interesting.

I’m going to reveal some random facts about myself on my blog.

I think not many people know the ‘real me’.

I usually like to keep myself low, you know how dangerous of internet nowadays.

By the way, 20 is not enough for me,  i think i need more than hundred facts.

I hope people could understand me better after reading this.

Oh ya, i am happy to hear from you if you could also share with me about yours. :)

There you go.. Hope you guys enjoy this post.

1) Dreamer. I think a lot. Always dream bigger than i could do.

2) I have 4 doggies. 1 Shih Tzu, 2 Shih Tzu mixed Poodle, 1 stray dog

(but she looks like a Dalmatian).

3) Majority people that i met think i am a ‘banana’ aka only can speak English.

I don’t know why.In fact i can speak, read and listen fluently in Mandarin!

4) I don’t smoke and drink alcohol.

I get rashes on my body if i take anything with alcohol.

But i like Bailey and Moscato Wine.

5) I am not an anti social. I only mix with people that i feel comfortable with.

6) I hate lizard.

7) I have Scoleciphobia!

I get freak out when i see worms, maggots, snakes or any reptiles!

8) I think i have health problems. I always get headache!

I have overactive bladder problem.

That’s why i always go to toilet frequently. I hate this feeling!!

9) I can’t read anything in a moving transportation that i am taking,

because i have motion sickness.

10) When i am alone, i prefer to stay at home.

Because i feel insecure to go out alone especially when i am driving at night.

11) I can easily cry when watching any drama or movie.

A small little heart touching scene can make my eyes overflowing with tears.

12) Owns a stubborn heart.

No one can ever force me to do something that i don’t like.

13) Love travel. Alot alot alot!

I wish i could travel the whole world before i die! LOL

14) I am an hyper-cleanliness.

I clean my house everyday, every moment if i find any dust in the house!

15) I like blogging.

I take picture of my food before i eat and share with my readers.

My Facebook page is JOJOSAYS

16) I own an online shop / boutique: BEAUTIQUE AVENUE

17) I don’t like porridge.

18) I impress by guys with BRAIN.

19) When i am taking picture, i like to take from my right face,

because i think i will look prettier. LOL

20) I can tell a person’s character after I’ve met them for once or twice.

Saturday Brunch @ Mr. & Ms. Cafe

8 Sep

I’ve heard so much about Mr. & Ms. Cafe and their breakfast and brunch. Finally, I got my chance at stuffing myself with all their famous brekkie items on the menu!

As for me, weekend brunch is a mean to catch up with friends, or make new ones. It is something that urban people difficult to do, due to their busy weekdays schedule.

If you know me, you know i go back to hometown almost every weekend to spend time with my family. Therefore, i hardly have a chance brunching with friends on weekend in KL/PJ. Last Saturday is rare, i called few close friends out! Weekend brunch is not a new trend. Especially in the city of Klang Valley. There are a lot cafes that I love to rave about!

The atmosphere here is crowded, noisy and gives you a little American lane kind of mood. People are lining up to get service and the crews are hurrying to fill the crowd demand. The patrons varies, from young people to older. Many patrons were seated enjoying their meals or coffee and good company. The cafe atmosphere is warm and inviting.



I had The Meaty Big Brekky (RM23.90), which comprises eggs of your choice (poached, fried & scrambled), wholemeal toast, herb chicken sausages, turkey ham, beef bacon, button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, hash brown and homemade baked beans. There’s one thing i need to highlight is the chicken hams was very salty to me. I know hams are salty, but this one was extremely horrible! I am not sure if anyone got the same feeling as me or not, or maybe i was bad luck on that day? :(



The Eggs Benedict (RM15.90) comes of poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce on wholemeal toast and underneath, asparagus, sauteed mushrooms and turkey ham.


My friend, Aaron ordered a Latte (RM9.00). According to him the latte was creamy and nice but it came in warm instead of hot. Probably because they took the cream from the fridge and straight away put on the latte that caused the latte not hot.


This cafe is ideal for catch up with friends or spend time with family, but definitely not for longer hang-out. We have a strong sense that the waitress were chasing us away once we’ve finished all our foods. Plates was took away very fast as soon as we finished. I was shocked when the waitress took my Chilled Lime (RM6.90) away without asking me if i have finished or not. I would said they are too ‘efficient & fast’!


Aaron & Mei


Myself & Joey


Three gorgeous ladies ;)


Again.. Myself & Joey


After paid the bill (total RM156.00 for 5 person), we then chilled out at the Mamak stall few shops away from Mr. & Ms. Cafe…

Group picture


Mr. & Ms. Cafe

B-G-3A Block B, Oasis Square, Jalan PJU 1A/7A Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Business Hours: Tue – Fri: 10am – 6pm, Sat-Sun: 9am – 5pm, Closed on Mon

Tel: 03-7859 6665

GPS Coordinates: 3.123937 , 101.5767366

Website: ; Instagram:


Pork Free

Road Trip To Batu Pahat

25 Aug

Firstly, i would like to share my happiness with you.. My second sister has just delivered a baby girl on 22 July!

So, we went down to Batu Pahat to visit her.

Very excited and can’t wait to start the journey.


Leaving home from Seremban.


We stayed in Ideal Villa 《 理想。家园 》 . Ideal Villa is a double storey semi-d. I was told that the owner turned this big house to a be guest house after they moved to a new place.

I like the greenery, adding to the home’s tropical feel.

photo 2 (9)_copy


photo 2 (8)_copy

Spacious car porch.

photo 1 (8)_copy

Bicycles are provided. Perfect for a ride on evening. My brother and brother in laws were riding to Tasik Y for fun.

photo 1 (1)_copy




photo 1 (2)_copy

photo 2_copy

photo 4 (2)_copy

photo 5 (9)_copy
Everything in this place is great except the water heater in master bedroom and another room down stair are not working.



photo 5 (2)_copy

photo 4 (6)_copy

photo 4 (1)_copy

photo 3 (12)_copy

photo 3 (7)_copy

photo 3 (6)_copy

photo 2 (2)_copy

photo 2 (1)_copy

photo 1_copy


photo 5 (6)_copy

photo 4 (12)_copy


photo 4_copy

photo 3_copy


photo 4 (8)_copy

photo 3 (8)_copy


photo 5 (7)_copy

photo 4 (7)_copy

photo 2 (7)_copy

photo 1 (12)_copy

photo 1 (7)_copy

This place is very suitable for big group of family or friend that come to Batu Pahat for holiday, it is also a good idea for wedding ceremony (新娘出嫁), as well as parties or company event and etc.

If you would like to have buffet or decoration for your event / ceremony, they are able to provide. Isn’t it perfect?

A lake garden – Tasik Y is just across the road.





Ideal Villa 《 理想。家园 》is a very comfortable and cozy place to stay in. Highly recommended.

Ideal Villa 《 理想。家园 》

Address: Jalan Kenanga, 83000 Batu Pahat

Contact: 012-798 8328



At night, we had dinner at Wonderland Curry Fish Head (欢乐园).

photo 2 (6)_copy

Fish head curry is the signature food here. The soft, succulent The fish meat were soft and succulent with a rich and thick curry gravy, together with lady’s fingers and beancurd.

photo 4 (5)_copy

These are the other foods that we ordered.

Fried Chicken Wings

photo 1 (5)_copy

Bitter-gourd Egg

photo 1 (6)_copy

Sambal Petai Prawn

photo 3 (5)

Salted Egg Chicken

photo 5 (5)_copy

Crispy Yam Ring with Kung Pao Chicken

photo 5 (12)_copy

Wonderland Curry Fish 欢乐园正宗咖哩鱼头餐馆

Address: 195, Jalan Shahbandar, ,83000 Batu Pahat, Johor Malaysia

Contact: 017-789 6599

Business Hour: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm


The next day morning, we checked out and headed to Ming Castle for dim sum.

photo 1 (13)_copy - Copy


Ming Castle 名阁点心楼

Address: 181, Jalan Abu Bakar, 83000, Batu Pahat, Johor

Contact: 07-438 2399


After finished our breakfast, my brother in law took us to go and buy some ‘local & famous’ foods in Batu Pahat.

We’ve bought:


photo 1 (14)_copy - Copy

Ogura Cake from Family Pastry Shop (芳邻) . FB:

photo 2 (14)_copy - Copy

photo 4 (14)_copy

Family Pastry Shop 芳邻西点蛋糕

Address: 102,Jalan Rotan Batu, Taman Sri Jaya, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor

Contact: 012-708 6213


The final shop we went is Sin Sin Foodstuff 新新食品 . This place is very famous with their Angku Kuih. From the traditional lotus paste, coconut to yam and also green tea.

Sin Sin Foodstuff 新新食品

Address: 36-4 Jalan Jenang, Batu Pahat, 83000, Malaysia

Contact: +607-4316599

photo 4 (13)_copy

photo 5 (13)_copy


photo 1 (9)_copy - Copy


photo 3 (14)_copy



After ‘shopping’ for foods, we went back to my brother in law’s house for lunch.

You can see those yummy sushi rolls are lying on the table. It’s all made by my brother in law’s niece’s boyfriend. He is only 19 years old and having his own Japanese sushi store.

photo 3 (9)_copy - Copy

The adorable baby with her beautiful happy grandma-ma a.k.a my mommy! Haha!!


photo 1 (10)_copy1 - CopyBefore leaving Batu Pahat, we used my new toy – monopod and took a group picture! What a beautiful family group picture!


photo 5_copy


Last but not least, thank you Lim (my younger brother in law) for the car ride all the way from Seremban to Batu Pahat, Boon & his family (my second brother in law a.k.a the baby’s papa) for giving us a very wonderful memory (from the beautiful cozy homestay, yummy foods, and etc), you’re such an excellent host!

Bye B.P till we meet again next time!

Honeymoon @ Tokyo – Day 1

11 Jun

It was a short honeymoon. We spent one week in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka). Our favourite part of travelling is the whole cultural experience: food, language, history, etc. It’s important that you and your partner have a honeymoon you’ll both enjoy.

We covered three major cities in Japan this time round – Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

I recommend booking your honeymoon at least nine months in advance, to allow your specialist to confirm the places and hotels you would like to include in your itinerary, especially if you will be travelling during peak season. This is the lesson for us. We have made our honeymoon trip last minute, due to my hubby’s busy work schedule. Initially, we planned to visit Mount Fuji. Coincidentally it was a long holiday in Japan during that time, all trains are fully booked and local tours usually not providing any tour package for this period on every year. So if you intend to visit Mount Fuji and don’t like the super extremely crowds, please note that and avoid travelling on the first week of May.

Day 1: Arrival Narita International Airport – Transfer to Hotel Washington, Shinjuku

MH0070, departed at 9:50am from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.




Hubby & i were having so much fun on board. 

After 6 hours 52 minutes of flying, we finally arrived in Narita International Airport. We hired a limo to the hotel. Destination from the airport to Shinjuku Washington Hotel is approximately 1 hour 10 minutes (80km).

Due to our last minute trip, plus the long holiday in Japan, most of the hotels are fully booked. We managed to book the Shinjuku Washington Hotel. Thanks to Candy – our all time travel agent in KL.

Shinjuku Washington Hotel is rather a standard modern business-type hotel. The rooms are standard, a bit on the small side, but this is appears to be standard for Japan. The room was comfortable, clean, and the bathroom was well-supplied. I love the Shiseido shampoo and conditioner! The service was good, the staff pleasant and helpful. Free WIFI. There are 4 restaurants to choose from for breakfast but the 3 restaurants we went to always had long lines– not good if you are rushing to catch a tour group.  The 4 restaurants are: Manhattan Table Grill & Dining (Japanese + Western buffet style), Baron Cafe & Bar (American Breakfast), 八吉 (Japanese Meal), Fujita (Japanese + Western buffet style).

The Airport Shuttle Bus and all tour buses stop in front of the Mail Building (not the Annex). As mentioned this is a business hotel, no luxury or big lobby and no swimming pool, because we are outside all day so its fine for us, actually even if there is a swimming pool or gym in the hotel, i don’t think i will have time to enjoy the facilities. But if you like to swim during your vacation, find more expensive hotel such as Hyatt and Hilton are near by and of course the price is double than this hotel.

The hotel location is good, safe and convenient. There is a family mart which opens 24 hours on the ground floor. 15 minute walk to Shinjuku Station, which has numerous subway and railway lines. There is even a long underground passage to the station (useful on a rainy day). Between the hotel and station, there has a lot of restaurants and shops, even along the underground passage. All restaurants and stores are within walking distance, so its fun to walk.

Checkout was rather quick. No hassle. Just swipe and drop your room card.

Shinjuku Washington Hotel
3-2-9 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
Japan 160-8336
Tel :  +81 3 3343-3111
Fax : +81 3 3342-2575









Obsession For Collagen Drink

23 May

If you know me well, you will know that i get obsession of collagen drink.

In Bangkok, there are many type of collagen drinks selling in 7-11.

Hubby got me this Konyakky Japanese Peptide Collagen when he came back from Bangkok recently.

The ingredients:
Pineapple Juice
Bubble Konyakku
Orange Juice
Red Grape Juice
Japanese Peptide Collagen
Citric Acid
Vitamin C



Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park @ Setiawalk Puchong

16 Apr

Last week i went to Setiawalk Puchong for some personal matters. Meantime i also went to Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park located one floor below the cinema.

Grand Shanghai is a good place to start. Here, you’ll enjoy good variety of food options as well as taking pictures.

















Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park
Level 4, Setia Walk, Puchong
GPS Coordinates: 3°1’50″N 101°37’1″E
(Park in the basement at Zone E and take the elevator up)

Sa-wa-dee-kah Bangkok, Thailand!

14 Jan

Before the Chinese New Year coming, i decided to go to Bangkok for a short trip and of cause shopping! I supposed to go together with my good friend – Joey, but didn’t make it. So end up my darling accompanied me to go.

Whenever i go to Bangkok, i’d prefer somewhere more interesting, maybe a boutique backpacker place which is not too far from the city centre. My priority for my hotel room is clean and convenient! This time we stayed in First House Hotel.

First House Hotel located in Pratunam area. You have no idea, staying here is super convenient! believe me! This place is clean, comfortable and offer very good prices, breakfast provided and free wifi. For an internet freak like me, free wifi is extremely important! However, i am not so happy with the wifi here due to the weak connection all the time. Our room was clean with wooden floor (but it’s cleaner than those carpeted ones), clean toilet, hot water (weak water pressure, but it was fine), fridge, hairdryer, toiletries provided but I suggest you bring your own or buy at 7/11 just downstairs. Big bottle of water given everyday, TV with many channels, clean sheets and pillow, spacious room to put all your shopping stuffs, great location! McDonalds, 7-11 stores are just across the road. 5 mins walking distance to Pratunam Market, Platinum Fashion Mall, Shibuya, Big C and etc! For this trip, we did not take any public transport in the city except taxi to and from airport. We walked from hotel to Platinum Shopping Mall, Central World and Siam Paragon. Really near and convenient!!

One of the main purpose of coming here is praying. I knew tomorrow will be anti-government protest here so i after checked-in the hotel, we headed straight to The Erawan Shrine (Thai: ศาลพระพรหม, San Phra Phrom).  It is a Hindu shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, that houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu creation god Brahma.

The shrine is located by the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, at the Ratchaprasong intersection of Ratchadamri Road in Pathum Wan district, Bangkok, Thailand. It is near the Bangkok Skytrain’s Chitlom Station, which has an elevated walkway overlooking the shrine. The area has many shopping malls nearby, including Gaysorn, CentralWorld and Amarin Plaza.


I wondered why everywhere are Teddy bear. Inside and outside of Central World, along the street of Siam Square Soi 5 and etc. Maybe it’s Teddy bear’s day or something like that? Anyway, i like soft toy (yea, i know i am like a small little kids.. :P) and obviously i am excited when i see those cute Teddy bears!






My Mr. S bought me to this lovely mango shop for dessert after a long walk. He was introduced by his Thai friends and this is his second time came to this shop. Please prepare to wait if you come here, due to the small seating capacity in the restaurant, it’s always long queue.


Tucked away at a corner of Siam Square Soi 5, Mango Tango is a small little dessert shop that specializes in mango dessert.


Prices stated clearly was in the shape of a Mango menu. 10072117515_f00e37cf1a_k

The rustic white walls with black graffiti and low hanging lightnings. Very tiny with a seating capacity of less than 20 people.


Mango Pudding + Fresh Mango + Mango Ice Cream (145 bath)

A heavenly combo to be shared!



Mango Thai Sundae (75 bath)

The rice was soft, moist and aromatic. The perfectly concocted coconut milk drizzled over the sticky rice made a whole thing perfect!


A mango a day keeps the doc away!!

photo 2_copy

photo 1_copy
Cute mangoes!! These are all fake mangoes ya. For deco purposes only.

photo 3_copy

This restaurant is very clean, and apart from their fresh juicy mango, the variety of mango desserts may also be the reason for the good crowd. For pricing, it’s very decent for their quality mango.

They do have branch at other places. Visit their official website for more information.


Siam Square Soi 5, Bangkok

GPS: -

Tel:  -

Business Hours: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm


Tomyam Fish Noodle at the food court of Platinum Fashion Mall. So-so only. Very very little noodle.

photo 4_copy

Phat Thai. It was a bit sticky and tasted so-so.

photo 5_copy

Ham and cheese pretzel bites. Love it!

photo 6_copy

photo 8_copy

When come to Thailand, one mustn’t miss is to eat coconut ice cream!  Unfortunately, this is not as good as the one i ate in Chatuchak Market. 
photo 9_copy

I find that Thai people likes to add more ice into water. Haha!

photo 10_copy

This crepe stall is very popular! Located somewhere opposite Platinum Fashion Mall, beside main road. Easy to find.

photo 11_copy

Majority of restaurants closed very early due to protest. Initially we planned to go to AfterYou for dessert then nice dinner in Paragon. Unfortunately, the dessert shop is under construction. So ended up no dessert, no nice dinner!

The only place opened is this duck rice stall in Siam Paragon. We don’t like it. Too sweet!
photo 12_copy

photo 13_copy

Pomegranate drinks had become ubiquitous in Bangkok!
photo 14_copy

Siang Pure Massage Oil & Balm is a pharmaceutical composition of herbal medicines used in the daily self-medication to relieve tendons and joints. Each for 20 bath.
photo 7_copy

I like to buy this collagen drink when i am in Bangkok!! There are many type of collagen drinks selling widely in Bangkok. But i find this better as it is sugarless! This collagen drink can be found in most of the hyper market and 7-11. photo 15_copy

For transportation: Our taxi fare from Dong Muang International Airport is 700 THB (Toyota Camry). From hotel to Dong Muang International Airport is roughly 400 THB. Van is available for large number of people which you can share the money with other pax so you can really save alot! Maximum pax for a van is 10 people. We shared with other 5 people (they are also going to the same airport), so altogether 8 people in a van included driver. So we only paid 340 THB for 2 person.

Sawatdee, Bangkok!!

Bangkok Shutdown!

13 Jan

Tens of thousands of protesters who filled the major intersections of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand today to put pressure on Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and replace her with a transitional government, calling the operation “Bangkok Shutdown.”

Major intersections that normally teem with cars and trucks were blockaded, but trains and river ferries were operating, most shops were open and motorbikes plied the roads freely.

The protest led by former lawmaker Suthep Thaugsuban aims to ‘shutdown’ Bangkok for several days or until Yingluck is removed from power. “Don’t ask me how long this occupation will last,” protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said in a speech to supporters carried by the movement’s BlueSky television channel. “We will not stop until we win.”

Police and soldiers maintained a low profile as the “Shutdown Bangkok” drive got under way in the city of about 12 million people. The mood was festive, with many protesters singing and dancing in the streets.

Despite the planned shutdown, Bangkok was not entirely paralyzed.










Even the nonagenarian joined the protest.





“Bangkok Shutdown” shirts were selling very well at the rally site.




Business sure very good for those street sellers today!



Protesters in front of Central World.



Thousands of people have occupied various busy parts of Bangkok, complete with tents and sleeping mats. It’s not really a shutdown, though. Bangkok more or less functioned as normal Monday with the exception of a number of mall closures.

Thousands upon thousands of people, but at least so far it is a very festive atmosphere. A giant street party where people are singing, blowing whistles, clapping, eating, sleeping, smiling, holding up signs and just basically having fun.

Roads that affected:



I managed to record few videos:-

Finally, all i want to say is KEEP CALM for those who are travelling to Bangkok during this operation of ‘Bangkok Shutdown’. My advise is stay away from the protest sites, despite the peaceful atmosphere that prevails at most daytime rallies, because Even demonstrations that are meant to be peaceful can turn confrontational, and escalate into violence without warning. However, it’s not as scary as the news reported in the newspaper. As a tourist, the biggest issue facing is mobility, as protesters have closed off seven major Bangkok intersections. All hotels and shopping malls remained open, though opening hours of shopping complexes and restaurants near protest sites were closed as early as 5pm today!

Just in case, tourists can seek assistance by calling the following hotlines:-

Tourism Authority of Thailand: 1672

Thai Tourist Police: 1155

Suvarnabhumi Airport Operation Center: +66 (0)2 134 4077

Don Mueang Airport Operation Center +66 (0)2 535 3431

Tourist Assistance Center (temporary): +66 (0)2 401 1111

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31 Dec


2013是我一生中其中一个最难忘的年份。我的终身大事就在今年的九月。 发梦也想不到我真的嫁得出,因为一直都没信心会有人愿意娶我。其实在这一年,除了结婚以外,我们的家也改变了不少,从简陋变成完美的家。 生活起伏相当大,亲戚朋友们之间造成的误会,嫉妒,怨恨都让我学会做人的道理,更加会珍惜眼前人,尤其是我亲爱的家人和跟我很好的朋友们。 事业可以说是好像roller coaster那样,up and down! 明年有个新计划,希望可以顺顺利利,财源滚滚来!身体一直都比较弱的我,真的希望可以健健康康。有了健康的体质才能’拼’啊。健康还是最重要的。


最后,我祝大家2014顺顺利利,快快乐乐,健健康康! ONG啊!!



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