Mak’s Chee is now open!

This popular wonton noodle restaurant definitely wow our Malaysian foodies with their almost 100 years old authentic wonton noodle recipe!
Kicking off the grand opening tomorrow will be a thunderous and entertaining lion dance performance followed by an auspicious Yee Sang tossing ceremony.


To add more fun to the opening, the restaurant is also organising a “Wrap That Wonton Contest” for children aged 9 to 15. So parents, remember to bring your kids here for this fun contest ya!

If you are somewhere around PJ or in 1 Utama shopping mall, Please come and join their grand opening tomorrow! It will be fun!!

Mak’s Chee is located at LG311D (opposite Cold Storage) 1 Utama Shopping Centre


Som Tam Nua on Siam Square Soi 5 is a casual and trendy dining spot. Tightly packed with tables already prepared with cutlery and condiments. This place is never empty. The queue is always be long. Hidden deep down on one of the alleyways leading away from Siam BTS station.

Som Tam Nua on Siam Square Soi 5是一个休闲和时尚的餐厅。紧紧挤满了早​​已准备好的用餐具和调味品表。这个地方是从来没有空。每天都可以看到顾客在排队而且排很长很长噢。隐藏在SiamBTS站的小巷中。

Papaya salad or som tam is a mainstay of Thai cuisine and is sweet and spicy in equal measure. Originally from the northeast region of Thailand called Issan, this healthy and low-cost dish can be found on the menu of the top restaurants across the city, as well as at street-side vendors. There are many variations of this dish, but ‘Thai-style’ generally includes shredded, unripe papaya that is smashed together with chilli, tomato, lime and peanuts. Other varieties might include baby crab, or for the real traditionalists, fermented fish sauce.
There are four papaya salads to choose from here, but we have ordered the one with salted egg. It is an intense mix of lime and chilli, with the sweet and spicy flavours intermingling from the first bite of the fresh papaya and crunchy peanuts while chunks of tomato bring some respite to your taste buds. It must be said that the papaya salad here is sweeter and less spicy than at other places around town.

木瓜沙拉或Som Tam是泰国美食的中不可缺少的。最初来自泰国东北地区称为Issan,这种健康和低成本的菜可以在整个城市的顶级餐厅的菜单上找到,甚至在街边。如今人们把这道菜变得多样化,但“泰国风格”一般包括切丝,生木瓜即辣椒,番茄,石灰和花生一起捣烂。其他品种可能包括小螃蟹,发酵的鱼酱等等。


Lard Pla Tod – a little deep fried tilapia. Crispy and topped with a good selection of lard ingredients like red onions, herbs, chilies, and mint leaves. It was pretty good, but can improved as I find it quite dry.


Very addictive fried chicken!! Crispy, tender and juicy are the words to describe it! It’s another must order dish here!


Really enjoyed our dinner..



Thai chili sauce is fantastic!



Drink of that night..


This air-conditioned environment restaurant offers very reasonable price, the ingredients are fresh, high quality and that both the dining area and the kitchen are exceedingly clean. It’s a highly recommended dining place in Bangkok.

这个冷气时尚的餐厅提供了非常合理的价格,食物非常美味新鲜,用餐区和厨房都非常干​​净。Som Tam Nua在曼谷是一个高度推荐的餐饮场所。

Som Tam Nua 

Opening Hours: 10:45 a.m.-21.30 p.m.
Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok

Tel: +66 (0) 22 51 4880

How to get there:
Som Tam Nua (ส้มตำนัว สยามสแควร์) is on Siam Square Soi 5. Across the street from Siam Paragon, find Siam Square Soi 5, walk inwards until almost the end where you will find the yellow and brown sign with a crowd normally standing outside.

Som Tam Nua(ส้มตำนัวสยามสแควร์)是位于暹罗广场Soi 5。在Siam Paragon街道上,找Siam Square Soi 5,向内走直到终止时,你会发现有个黄色和棕色的标志。外面站着很多人群的就是Som Tam Nua了

Bangkok Banana

This is not Tokyo Banana. . This is Bangkok Banana! Only available in 7-11 Thailand .
Isn’t it looks like Tokyo Banana? I’ve tried Tokyo Banana last time. It tastes very nice, their packaging is more premium and sophisticated. Of course, the price is also very ‘nice’!
To be frank, Bangkok Banana is also very good! The sponge cake is very soft and the fillings of banana custard not too sweet. The smell of banana is so bananalicious, I like it!
Bangkok Banana is a product from a Thai company – Lepan. The price is not expensive. A box of 4 pieces only cost 59 Thai Baht. If you are in Thailand, why not grab a few and try? It can be a souvenir to your friends or family too! Buy a few more and I bet you won’t regret it!
P / S: Bangkok Banana can keep up to one week only. If you plan to buy and bring back home, I suggest you to buy the day before you depart.


这不是Tokyo Banana噢。。这是Bangkok Banana!要在泰国7-11才买到。
是不是很像Tokyo Banana叻?我吃过的Tokyo Banana味道很香很浓,包装也比较精致。当然价钱也特别’美’!
Bangkok Banana的味道其实也很不错!海绵蛋糕非常松软,内陷很多又不会太甜。香蕉 味香香的,我喜欢!
Bangkok Banana是泰国Lepan公司推出的产品。价钱不贵,泰币59一盒。一盒一共有四颗。如果你有到泰国游玩的话,不妨买来试一试或送给朋友当手信。买多几个包你不后悔!
P/S:Bangkok Banana最多可以放一个星期。如果想买回去的话,建议你一天前才买。

Good Bye 2015, Welcome 2016!

Can’t believe that it’s already December! 2015 is a very fruitful year for me.. Especially my career / business. I hope everything will be even better in 2016! Pray pray pray!!! 🙏🏻
不敢相信时间过得那么的快。。已经是十二月了! 2015年对我来说是个丰收的一年..尤其是我的事业。在即将到来的2016,我希望一切都会更好!祈祷祈祷祈祷!🙏🏻

Han’s 1st Birthday Celebration & Port Dickson Getaway

Last week, we celebrated Han’s 1st birthday! Even though just among the family, we still wanted to celebrate with a little extraordinary party (her 2 brothers didn’t get their birthday celebration like this when they were 1 year old), as it gave us an excuse for family gathering and cheers moment.

First we did a simple birthday celebration in my hometown then another one in Port Dickson. We rented a private penthouse in Glory Beach Resort and spent a 2 days 1 night there.


My sister bought this Hello Kitty fondant cake from a baker in my hometown. Since i am a huge fan of Hello Kitty, i think a Hello Kitty theme would be perfect. So, i bought some pink and white balloons and Hello Kitty birthday banner to decorate the place.













We went to Soon Fatt Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Nestled in the deepest part of Lukut where you would have to go through very narrow dirt road and located by the river bank of a fishing village, this place offers both the luxury of a sunset view coupled with docked boats from a days hard work and good and fresh seafood at a very reasonable price. Please be prepared for long wait especially during peak season / hour. While waiting for our food to be served, we took the opportunity to take some pictures nearby the river bank.

Kampung Kuala Lukut, 71010 Lukut, Negeri Sembilan

N2.561796, E101.800145

Contact: 012-979 7073






Foods that we ordered. Big portion.






Part of the reason that we have chosen Glory Beach Resort is because the kids wanted to see the turtle.

The Turtles Talk & Tour is a weekly event held on every Saturday at 9:00pm.

Glory Beach Resort
Jalan Seremban, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia





Due to Hari Raya and long holiday, this place is super crowded and the pool thronged with kids and adults.





It was an awesome weekend, and we all had so much fun!

Birthday Present – Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury Lady Watch

On my birthday, darling gave me a Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury Lady as a present. It would be one of the most valuable birthday gift ever! It is absolutely stunning!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I have always wanted a classy watch with a NATO strap and Daniel Wellington have the most beautiful designs on the market. Elegant, chic and well made. As soon as you open the box, you can see that the quality is exceptional. The feel of the watch is very luxurious and I can’t recommend it enough.

I picked the rose gold option, but you can also opt for silver. Oh, this would be my bigger size watch in my life so far and I think they look better on me. The Classic Canterbury Lady watch features a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing dial, with rose gold details and a blue, white and red striped wristband. It’s a gorgeous timepiece! The biggest advantage of the NATO strap watches is the fact that all of the straps from the collection are interchangeable and it takes 10 seconds to change the look of your watch.


I am absolutely in love with the Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury Lady Watch and I am planning to buy more straps for it. It will allow me to change the look of the watch to go with other outfits.

came with a pin for strap changing.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
And with a warranty card as well.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
If you like the look of Daniel Wellington watches and want to treat yourself or your loved ones to one of the gorgeous DW pieces, make sure you checkout at

Birthday Part II – Tanjung Sepat

Tanjung Sepat is a small town in Kuala Langat. It’s also a fishing village, therefore, there are many seafood restaurants here. The distance from my place (Kota Kemuning) to Tanjung Sepat is about 45 minutes. Thanks to Waze! Haha!

I didn’t know that there are so many nice places and foods in this small town until i came.

The first thing to do is checked in hotel. Hotel room only available by 3pm. We have 2 hours before we can check in. So we decided to go to the famous pau for lunch.



Hai Yew Heng is the very famous pau shop here. You know how good is their pau when you see people are queuing under the sun just to buy the pau. People buy the pau and ‘tapao’ to the opposite kopitiam to eat.  Please take note, no outside drinks are allowed in the kopitiam or you will be charged for RM0.50. We ordered Sang Yuk Pau, Mui Choy Pau and Tau Sa Pau. Hubs said the Sang Yuk Pau is very tasty as the meat was juicy. Personally, i like their Tau Sa Pau. This would the best Tau Sa Pau i have so far. Anyway, we don’t like the Mui Choy Pau as it’s lacked of something. I don’t know what, it’s just very normal.


After that, we visited Ganofarm. Ganofarm is a mushroom research company. Everything selling here are made from mushroom or Ling Zhi.


Not far away from Ganofarm is the Lover’s Bridge. Those days, fisherman use this bridge to get their boat. Unfortunately the wooden part of the Lover’s Bridge has collapsed and we couldn’t go any further.



The weather was nice and sunny.  Remember to wear sun block or bring an umbrella. I forgot to bring my sunblock and i got a burning skin now. :'(



It was almost 3pm and we check in the hotel. The room seemed ok. There is a balcony to hang out too.


Huge bathroom with Jacuzzi.


Very nice and huge swimming pool. Good place for kids also. Next to the pool is the beach. Kinda relaxing.





I love to chill at the lounge which is above the sea. The feeling is like breezing along the freeway!






Dinner is very simple. It was steamboat by the sea. Hmm.. Steamboat dinner on birthday? Can’t complain too much already, i was too hungry!


The next day, we woke up early for breakfast. Mainly Malaysian foods such as Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Laksa, Roti Canai etc.

Everything in this hotel is ok except the cafe. And i don’t why there are so many flies everywhere! This made me feel so uncomfortable.

After breakfast, we went to the beach for some photos and check out.





It’s going to rain..


Before go home. We wanted to go to Kuan Wellness Eco Park, unfortunately it’s closed on that day.

P/S: My whole body was itchy after the day, red dots on my back, hands and legs. Not sure if it’s due to the bed bugs or anything else. :(

Stay tuned for my birthday part III in Ipoh & Penang. Meanwhile please hit LIKE my FB page

Thank you for your support & reading!


1600 Pandas World Tour @ Publika, Malaysia

The 1,600 Pandas World Tour which started in 2008 as a collaboration between WWF and acclaimed French artist Paulo Grangeon, has since appeared in more than 100 exhibitions across various countries such as France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Malaysia will be the 1,600 Pandas’ third stop after Hong Kong in the Asian region.


The 1600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia has been done in several places in Malaysia such as Dataran Merdeka, Putrajaya, Batu Caves, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Taiping Lake, Menara Condong Teluk Intan, Red Square Melaka and National Monument Kuala Lumpur. Finally, it will be settled down at Publika from 13th January to 25th January 2015, and it opens to public from 10am to 10pm.

2015-01-19 14.36.05copy3

This Panda flash mob aims to bring awareness to the locals on the importance of panda conservation and sustainable development, symbolically encouraging Malaysians to be more aware of our natural environment and the need to conserve it.

2015-01-19 20.56.12

The admission is free. Just pay RM10.00 for a photo (RM10 for each photo, you can have as many photo as you want) and you are allowed to enter to the compound to get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up-close with the 1600 pandas for photo, selfie or wefie sessions. Don’t forget to collect your ‘instant photo’after the photo session. Show them the redemption photo slip upon redemption.

2015-01-19 14.45.10_copy3

With 1600 pandas..

2015-01-19 15.17.33copy3

2015-01-19 15.28.45copy3

2015-01-19 15.30.55copy3

Want to do some shopping for panda? Check out the Pandas Merchandise Market Place at The Square Publika.

Alternatively, you can take picture at the Hug Hug Zone.

2015-01-19 15.35.50copy3

2015-01-19 15.35.58copy3

French sculptor and creator of the 1600 Pandas, Paulo Grangeon, collaborated with Faster Advertising Group to create seven special edition Malaysian themes that represent the local culture: Trishaw, Wau, Congkak, Badminton, Wayang Kulit, Bunga Rayaand Gasing.


For more information about ‘1,600 Pandas Malaysian Tour’, please visit 1600 Pandas MY’s Facebook Page 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Publika before 25 January 2015 to check out the 1600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia today!

Good Bye 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 will be ending very soon. This year i have accomplished some of my goals / targets. With all the ups and down, i have learnt so much and hope i can do better next year. Doing all the hard-work from the very beginning until today, I am satisfied and contented with the recognition from everyone. Especially to those who are always support me when I am facing difficulty and give me strength to move forward. I am glad, happy and thankful that my customers has trusted and always be with me in Beautique Avenue ( Beside fashion, this year I have also expanding and ventured into health care and beauty industry called Beautique Avenue – Wellness & Beauty ( which is the sister company of B.A Group. I appreciate so much for all the feedbacks and opinions from customers. Some of the customers are even became friend with me. Secondly, thank you my readers / supporters / fans. You guys are awesome! Without you all, JOJOSAYS ( will be all alone. I promise I will write more interesting post on my blog in the coming future. Please continue to be with me. Finally, thank you my family, hubs, friends for always stand by me even the sky drops down. Appreciated a lot & will work harder for the upcoming year. Lastly but not least, i would like to apologize if i have done anything to upset you. Let’s count down the last 5 days. Enjoy and make more sweet memories on these last few days before the 2014 ended! Luv, Jojo

10 Tech Products We Lost In 2014.. Good Bye Forever!

Every year, the tech industry brings us unexpected surprises and long-predicted changes, and among those ups and downs are usually a few endings to some of our favorite technology products.

This year was no different, with some of the biggest names in tech shuttering products and services beloved by many, and even a few successful upstarts deciding to call it a career and close up shop.

1) iPod Classic ( 2001 – 2014 )

Customers Michael, left, and Teresa Hamilly display an Apple
Despite Apple (Apple) has introduced new product over the years, the iPod Classic is officially off from Apple ‘s official website.

2) Macworld Magazine ( 1984 – 2014 )


30 years of history, the magazine devoted to Apple products .

3) Orkut ( 2004 – 2014 )


Orkut is a social networking sites which established in 2004 by Google, although it has many users , but Google decided to fully develop Google +.

4) Facebook Poke App ( 2012 – 2014 )


Facebook developed  ” poke ” App in 2012, it will be officially off from the shelf next year.

5) Nokia X


Once is the mobile phone pioneer, finally bought over by Microsoft.

6) Xbox Entertainment Studios ( 2012 – 2014 )


Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios is a program to create original movie, unfortunately losing massive profit and staff retrenchment.

7) ( 2007 – 2014 ) 

155221m060j8a00j89y5y6.jpg.thumb is an online broadcast system , there are many illegal video inside , the lastest game software also can be found in

8) Flappy Bird ( 2013 – 2014 )


This was the sudden bursts of APP game , because of its simple operation with the lovely picture, it has attracted a lot of fans, due tho the population of the game, the developer of this game became very wealthy. However, because of copyright disputes , it has to be terminated.

9) Windows XP ( 2001 – 2014 )


Microsoft’s most classic operating system, but it has to say goodbye by 2014 , the company officially stopped renewal of XP.

10) MSN Messenger ( 1999 – 2014 )


MSN Messenger officially become history in 2014. Although it has been merged with Skype, but many old users still prefer the incoming message tone of Deng Deng Deng. Additionally, we still miss the little green man turning around before each time we login…

Source: Mashable