My Birthday Dinner @ Busaba Thai – Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa

Situated in the Sunway Hotel, Busaba Thai can be easily spotted from the entrance of the hotel. Busaba Thai presents an exquisite experience in authentic and contemporary Thai dining. Step into a rustic yet chic enclave, where every corner tells its own story and every signature Thai dish tempts its way into your heart; it’s a sumptuous feast for all of your senses. Whether you choose the dining room or the terrace, this gorgeous ambiance restaurant is a quiet and casual haven that feels far removed from the city – a perfect place for an intimate chat with your sweetie, and a pre-dinner stroll through the relax paradise.

Busaba Thai serves 2 types of Tomyam – The Clear Seafood Tomyum (RM27.26) and the Red Seafood Tomyum (RM27.26). The bowl of tomyam is served with scrumptious ingredients like fish meat, prawns, squids or chicken. I prefer the clear soup, it is not too spicy with the strong whiff of lemongrass hitting all the right notes.

Thai Green Curry with Chicken (RM26.32) is one of my favorite here. The curry is thick and good enough, with a rich and sweet coconut fragrance that whets the appetite. Served together with the flat bread (roti canai) by the side.

Pandan Leave Chicken (RN22.64) is another favourite Thai dish of mine.  Served with Thai chili sauce, these fragrant and delicious chicken bites make great hors-d’oeuvres and can also be served as a main dish with other dishes.

Bean Cure with Basil (RM21.70)

Portions were reasonable and sufficient for this hungry couple. While all the dishes were flavourful, fresh and well-portioned. We finished the meal with some Coconut Ice Cream (RM9.43) that was delicious with its many nuts chunks in it.


Lobby Level, Sunway Resort Hotel, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar  Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Contact Number: +603 56121033

Business Hours: 11AM – 10PM (Mon – Sun)


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