Som Tam Nua on Siam Square Soi 5 is a casual and trendy dining spot. Tightly packed with tables already prepared with cutlery and condiments. This place is never empty. The queue is always be long. Hidden deep down on one of the alleyways leading away from Siam BTS station.

Som Tam Nua on Siam Square Soi 5是一个休闲和时尚的餐厅。紧紧挤满了早​​已准备好的用餐具和调味品表。这个地方是从来没有空。每天都可以看到顾客在排队而且排很长很长噢。隐藏在SiamBTS站的小巷中。

Papaya salad or som tam is a mainstay of Thai cuisine and is sweet and spicy in equal measure. Originally from the northeast region of Thailand called Issan, this healthy and low-cost dish can be found on the menu of the top restaurants across the city, as well as at street-side vendors. There are many variations of this dish, but ‘Thai-style’ generally includes shredded, unripe papaya that is smashed together with chilli, tomato, lime and peanuts. Other varieties might include baby crab, or for the real traditionalists, fermented fish sauce.
There are four papaya salads to choose from here, but we have ordered the one with salted egg. It is an intense mix of lime and chilli, with the sweet and spicy flavours intermingling from the first bite of the fresh papaya and crunchy peanuts while chunks of tomato bring some respite to your taste buds. It must be said that the papaya salad here is sweeter and less spicy than at other places around town.

木瓜沙拉或Som Tam是泰国美食的中不可缺少的。最初来自泰国东北地区称为Issan,这种健康和低成本的菜可以在整个城市的顶级餐厅的菜单上找到,甚至在街边。如今人们把这道菜变得多样化,但“泰国风格”一般包括切丝,生木瓜即辣椒,番茄,石灰和花生一起捣烂。其他品种可能包括小螃蟹,发酵的鱼酱等等。


Lard Pla Tod – a little deep fried tilapia. Crispy and topped with a good selection of lard ingredients like red onions, herbs, chilies, and mint leaves. It was pretty good, but can improved as I find it quite dry.


Very addictive fried chicken!! Crispy, tender and juicy are the words to describe it! It’s another must order dish here!


Really enjoyed our dinner..



Thai chili sauce is fantastic!



Drink of that night..


This air-conditioned environment restaurant offers very reasonable price, the ingredients are fresh, high quality and that both the dining area and the kitchen are exceedingly clean. It’s a highly recommended dining place in Bangkok.

这个冷气时尚的餐厅提供了非常合理的价格,食物非常美味新鲜,用餐区和厨房都非常干​​净。Som Tam Nua在曼谷是一个高度推荐的餐饮场所。

Som Tam Nua 

Opening Hours: 10:45 a.m.-21.30 p.m.
Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok

Tel: +66 (0) 22 51 4880

How to get there:
Som Tam Nua (ส้มตำนัว สยามสแควร์) is on Siam Square Soi 5. Across the street from Siam Paragon, find Siam Square Soi 5, walk inwards until almost the end where you will find the yellow and brown sign with a crowd normally standing outside.

Som Tam Nua(ส้มตำนัวสยามสแควร์)是位于暹罗广场Soi 5。在Siam Paragon街道上,找Siam Square Soi 5,向内走直到终止时,你会发现有个黄色和棕色的标志。外面站着很多人群的就是Som Tam Nua了


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