Bangkok Banana

This is not Tokyo Banana. . This is Bangkok Banana! Only available in 7-11 Thailand .
Isn’t it looks like Tokyo Banana? I’ve tried Tokyo Banana last time. It tastes very nice, their packaging is more premium and sophisticated. Of course, the price is also very ‘nice’!
To be frank, Bangkok Banana is also very good! The sponge cake is very soft and the fillings of banana custard not too sweet. The smell of banana is so bananalicious, I like it!
Bangkok Banana is a product from a Thai company – Lepan. The price is not expensive. A box of 4 pieces only cost 59 Thai Baht. If you are in Thailand, why not grab a few and try? It can be a souvenir to your friends or family too! Buy a few more and I bet you won’t regret it!
P / S: Bangkok Banana can keep up to one week only. If you plan to buy and bring back home, I suggest you to buy the day before you depart.


这不是Tokyo Banana噢。。这是Bangkok Banana!要在泰国7-11才买到。
是不是很像Tokyo Banana叻?我吃过的Tokyo Banana味道很香很浓,包装也比较精致。当然价钱也特别’美’!
Bangkok Banana的味道其实也很不错!海绵蛋糕非常松软,内陷很多又不会太甜。香蕉 味香香的,我喜欢!
Bangkok Banana是泰国Lepan公司推出的产品。价钱不贵,泰币59一盒。一盒一共有四颗。如果你有到泰国游玩的话,不妨买来试一试或送给朋友当手信。买多几个包你不后悔!
P/S:Bangkok Banana最多可以放一个星期。如果想买回去的话,建议你一天前才买。

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