10 Tech Products We Lost In 2014.. Good Bye Forever!

Every year, the tech industry brings us unexpected surprises and long-predicted changes, and among those ups and downs are usually a few endings to some of our favorite technology products.

This year was no different, with some of the biggest names in tech shuttering products and services beloved by many, and even a few successful upstarts deciding to call it a career and close up shop.

1) iPod Classic ( 2001 – 2014 )

Customers Michael, left, and Teresa Hamilly display an Apple
Despite Apple (Apple) has introduced new product over the years, the iPod Classic is officially off from Apple ‘s official website.

2) Macworld Magazine ( 1984 – 2014 )


30 years of history, the magazine devoted to Apple products .

3) Orkut ( 2004 – 2014 )


Orkut is a social networking sites which established in 2004 by Google, although it has many users , but Google decided to fully develop Google +.

4) Facebook Poke App ( 2012 – 2014 )


Facebook developed  ” poke ” App in 2012, it will be officially off from the shelf next year.

5) Nokia X


Once is the mobile phone pioneer, finally bought over by Microsoft.

6) Xbox Entertainment Studios ( 2012 – 2014 )


Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios is a program to create original movie, unfortunately losing massive profit and staff retrenchment.

7) Justin.tv ( 2007 – 2014 ) 


Justin.tv is an online broadcast system , there are many illegal video inside , the lastest game software also can be found in Justin.tv

8) Flappy Bird ( 2013 – 2014 )


This was the sudden bursts of APP game , because of its simple operation with the lovely picture, it has attracted a lot of fans, due tho the population of the game, the developer of this game became very wealthy. However, because of copyright disputes , it has to be terminated.

9) Windows XP ( 2001 – 2014 )


Microsoft’s most classic operating system, but it has to say goodbye by 2014 , the company officially stopped renewal of XP.

10) MSN Messenger ( 1999 – 2014 )


MSN Messenger officially become history in 2014. Although it has been merged with Skype, but many old users still prefer the incoming message tone of Deng Deng Deng. Additionally, we still miss the little green man turning around before each time we login…

Source: Mashable


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