Road Trip To Batu Pahat

Firstly, i would like to share my happiness with you.. My second sister has just delivered a baby girl on 22 July!

So, we went down to Batu Pahat to visit her.

Very excited and can’t wait to start the journey.


Leaving home from Seremban.


We stayed in Ideal Villa 《 理想。家园 》 . Ideal Villa is a double storey semi-d. I was told that the owner turned this big house to a be guest house after they moved to a new place.

I like the greenery, adding to the home’s tropical feel.

photo 2 (9)_copy


photo 2 (8)_copy

Spacious car porch.

photo 1 (8)_copy

Bicycles are provided. Perfect for a ride on evening. My brother and brother in laws were riding to Tasik Y for fun.

photo 1 (1)_copy




photo 1 (2)_copy

photo 2_copy

photo 4 (2)_copy

photo 5 (9)_copy
Everything in this place is great except the water heater in master bedroom and another room down stair are not working.



photo 5 (2)_copy

photo 4 (6)_copy

photo 4 (1)_copy

photo 3 (12)_copy

photo 3 (7)_copy

photo 3 (6)_copy

photo 2 (2)_copy

photo 2 (1)_copy

photo 1_copy


photo 5 (6)_copy

photo 4 (12)_copy


photo 4_copy

photo 3_copy


photo 4 (8)_copy

photo 3 (8)_copy


photo 5 (7)_copy

photo 4 (7)_copy

photo 2 (7)_copy

photo 1 (12)_copy

photo 1 (7)_copy

This place is very suitable for big group of family or friend that come to Batu Pahat for holiday, it is also a good idea for wedding ceremony (新娘出嫁), as well as parties or company event and etc.

If you would like to have buffet or decoration for your event / ceremony, they are able to provide. Isn’t it perfect?

A lake garden – Tasik Y is just across the road.





Ideal Villa 《 理想。家园 》is a very comfortable and cozy place to stay in. Highly recommended.

Ideal Villa 《 理想。家园 》

Address: Jalan Kenanga, 83000 Batu Pahat

Contact: 012-798 8328



At night, we had dinner at Wonderland Curry Fish Head (欢乐园).

photo 2 (6)_copy

Fish head curry is the signature food here. The soft, succulent The fish meat were soft and succulent with a rich and thick curry gravy, together with lady’s fingers and beancurd.

photo 4 (5)_copy

These are the other foods that we ordered.

Fried Chicken Wings

photo 1 (5)_copy

Bitter-gourd Egg

photo 1 (6)_copy

Sambal Petai Prawn

photo 3 (5)

Salted Egg Chicken

photo 5 (5)_copy

Crispy Yam Ring with Kung Pao Chicken

photo 5 (12)_copy

Wonderland Curry Fish 欢乐园正宗咖哩鱼头餐馆

Address: 195, Jalan Shahbandar, ,83000 Batu Pahat, Johor Malaysia

Contact: 017-789 6599

Business Hour: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm


The next day morning, we checked out and headed to Ming Castle for dim sum.

photo 1 (13)_copy - Copy


Ming Castle 名阁点心楼

Address: 181, Jalan Abu Bakar, 83000, Batu Pahat, Johor

Contact: 07-438 2399


After finished our breakfast, my brother in law took us to go and buy some ‘local & famous’ foods in Batu Pahat.

We’ve bought:


photo 1 (14)_copy - Copy

Ogura Cake from Family Pastry Shop (芳邻) . FB:

photo 2 (14)_copy - Copy

photo 4 (14)_copy

Family Pastry Shop 芳邻西点蛋糕

Address: 102,Jalan Rotan Batu, Taman Sri Jaya, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor

Contact: 012-708 6213


The final shop we went is Sin Sin Foodstuff 新新食品 . This place is very famous with their Angku Kuih. From the traditional lotus paste, coconut to yam and also green tea.

Sin Sin Foodstuff 新新食品

Address: 36-4 Jalan Jenang, Batu Pahat, 83000, Malaysia

Contact: +607-4316599

photo 4 (13)_copy

photo 5 (13)_copy


photo 1 (9)_copy - Copy


photo 3 (14)_copy



After ‘shopping’ for foods, we went back to my brother in law’s house for lunch.

You can see those yummy sushi rolls are lying on the table. It’s all made by my brother in law’s niece’s boyfriend. He is only 19 years old and having his own Japanese sushi store.

photo 3 (9)_copy - Copy

The adorable baby with her beautiful happy grandma-ma a.k.a my mommy! Haha!!


photo 1 (10)_copy1 - CopyBefore leaving Batu Pahat, we used my new toy – monopod and took a group picture! What a beautiful family group picture!


photo 5_copy


Last but not least, thank you Lim (my younger brother in law) for the car ride all the way from Seremban to Batu Pahat, Boon & his family (my second brother in law a.k.a the baby’s papa) for giving us a very wonderful memory (from the beautiful cozy homestay, yummy foods, and etc), you’re such an excellent host!

Bye B.P till we meet again next time!


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