Manicure & Pedicure @ Glam Nail Salon & Boutique, Seremban 2

I did my manicure and pedicure in Glam Nail Salon & Boutique in Seremban 2 for my wedding.

My nail stylist is Rose. Heard that she has been doing this for over 10 years. No wondered she looks kinda bossy. Hmm!

Same like any other nail salon, i was giving a nail chart and choose the type i like to do. I told Rose i would like to do for my wedding, and ask for opinion. She recommended french manicure. I did the gel type instead of basic one as she promised of long-lasting and chip-free. As for pedicure, i just go for basic type.

I did my pedicure first. Rose asked another girl to do for me. First, she remove old polish from the nails of both feet, then she file my toenails straight across, rounding them slightly at the corners to conform to the shape of the toe. Then soak for a full 5 minutes. Apply cuticle remover. Scrub my feet and toenails. Then start apply basecoat, two coats of color and a thin topcoat and so on.

After that, Rose did my manicure. She removed all traces of old enamel from my nails, shaping nails, soaking for 3 minutes, apply cuticle remover.. Then start polish application. During that time, Rose kept on telling me that she can’t do much thing on my nails as they are too short. I was thinking, that is not my fault! You’re the manicurist so it’s your job to help me! Not being there complaining! Then she started acting impatient. She did flower design on my nails and i requested for putting ‘diamond’ on each nails so that it won’t look so simple. I don’t know if she is lousy or problem on my nails. She took so long to place the ‘diamond’ on my nails! The glue that she was using is nearly dried out and she kept on complaining. Finally she used transparent nail polish to replace glue! I am shocked and thinking it will sure won’t last long. She told me to put my fingers straight so that the ‘diamond’ will stick it properly. Come on la, my fingers are always straight la. The problem is she never use glue but using nail polish. Common sense la.. Nail polish is stronger than glue??

So the result is.. 1st ‘diamond’ dropped at night on the same day, followed by 2nd the next day! So gel nail polish is long lasting huh? Not even a week, it’s already chipped! I tell myself, Glam Nail Salon & Boutique – first and last!

P/S: An Indian lady was sitting beside me doing manicure, she seemed not satisfied with the result too.

Less than a week, see what i got! *angry*







2 thoughts on “Manicure & Pedicure @ Glam Nail Salon & Boutique, Seremban 2

  1. Sweetie Red says:

    i went there too for the first time last year 2014 before hari raya…i did make a call and the girl on the phone said i may come at,i did turn up before 4pm and waited for my turn..later the girl at the shop asked me to wait for a few minutes.. ok fine,i waited patiently…but how patient u are if u have to wait for almost one hour..i got up from the seat and scolded them for not keeping up their promise..i swear i will never come back there again eventhough i stay nearby…

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