Guangzhou, China

I was excited on the third day of our China trip! Because we are going to Guangzhou! No matter how, i have to buy myself a nice evening gown for stand-by. Just in case if i can’t choose any nice gown i still have my own and don’t have to rent a designer gown for over thousand bucks!!

We took the railway train from Luohu station. From our hotel to the station is about 4KM.

The station is new and clean.







Two types of train ticket. First class and second class.


Spacious aisle and seats. Very clean indeed.


Duration from Shenzhen to Guangzhou East is 1 hour 19 minutes, approximately 139KM.

This is Guangzhou  Jiangnan Avenue North Wedding Street (江南大道北). There weren’t just wedding dress shops, there were shops specializing in tailored suits for men, shoe shops, wedding accessory shops selling everything and anything you would need for a Chinese wedding.

The wedding street is

It is really worth going there! Everything here is so cheap and the quality not bad. Trust me, you won’t regret!





Just in this building along there were three or four stories of wedding stores. Along both sides of this busy street were bridal boutiques and tailors not to mention street vendors selling wedding stickers, red umbrellas, angpow etc..







Did we manage to get our stuffs? Yes! I got myself a beautiful purple evening gown and my Mr. S got his suit and pant as well, so in all, a very successful shopping outing.

Shopping tips:

  • Haggling is a must!
  • Speaking Mandarin/Cantonese helps – It’s better if you can haggle in Chinese or bring a friend who can. Some of the upmarket stores may have personnel that speak English. Otherwise, bring a calculator – numbers is a universal language after all.
  • Be patient – Many stores offer the same or similar products, so if you find something you like and you can’t get a good price, visit some other stores before you buy it from the first one.
  • You get what you pay for – Many people told me that they got their wedding gowns there for less than RM100 but frankly speaking i won’t be getting that for my wedding maybe i am picky and i always believe that what you pay is what you get. Dresses or gowns here that made from quality material were in the mid to high price ranges (around RMB3,ooo – 6,000, which is approximately RM1,500 – 3000). RM3,000 may sound quite expensive for a gown in China, but don’t forget you will be getting a replica designer wedding gown made of quality material for that price, which is a fraction of what designer gowns cost.
  • Bring photos – This is useful if you are after something specific (e.g. a replica gown).
  • One day is definitely not enough – I am regretted that we did not plan well for this trip. It was our first time in Guangzhou and i never expect that there are so many things to buy and see here! On our first visit, I was overwhelmed with having so much choice, and not just for wedding dresses. Even we came here since morning until all shoppes closed, I still felt we didn’t get everything we wanted.
  • Buffer additional days for tailoring/alterations – If you need to make alterations or you are buying a tailor-made item, then that may take from a few days to months to complete. Depending on the length of time needed, you may wish to stay in Guangzhou for longer. Shipping from China to Malaysia is an option but may not be cheap. I was so lucky that they can alter my gown and courier to me in my hotel in Shenzhen the next day morning! I am very happy and impressed for the service and promised.

How to get there:

  • Take a subway to The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace (Line 2)
  • Take a taxi to Jiangnan Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (地址:海珠区江南大道北), or
  • Take a bus that stops at Jiangnan North Avenue Street (江南大道北路)

We reached Shenzhen about 9pm. Today we tried local food in a restaurant nearby to the hotel we stayed.







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