Shenzhen, China – Part I

I am on my way to the airport with a guy whom will be ‘very soon to be my husband’. We are leaving KL for Shenzhen, China. Why Shenzhen? Got anything nice over there? Why not other places in China? Actually we are going there for our wedding photo shot. Since long time ago, i always wanted my wedding photo to be taken in oversea one day. And the day has finally came! Doesn’t matter which part of the county, as long as it is not in Malaysia. Not that Malaysia is bad, maybe i just want to have the ‘oversea’ feel la. You might think that i am typical. Yay, i am very typical minded!

We have signed up a wedding package with a local well known bridal house in KL (due to privacy, i am not mentioning the name of the bridal house) that worked hand in hand with the Wedding City, Shenzhen.

Our flight to Shenzhen is 6:45am via Air Asia. My eyes can barely opened, because i got up at 2:30am to get ready. Taxi came and fetch us by 3:40am.


Many people were queuing for luggage check-in. First thing after checked-in our luggage is breakfast in McDonald! Can’t even take my own sweet time to enjoy my McBeakfast. Gulped down the whole burger and rushed to boarding gate!


At the waiting lounge.. My happy feet with my pretty flats from Jelly Bunny. Thanks to my sister!




We have pre-ordered our air craft food – Nasi Lemak and Chicken Sandwiches.


After 3 hours and 15 mins, we are finally touched down in Shenzhen airport.


Shuttle bus is commuting passengers to the arrival hall. Very good! No need to walk so far. LCCT should practices this!


We hired a taxi to our hotel in Dongmen. The taxi driver was very friendly. He can talk, talk and talk non stop! Been telling us stories about the city. I am thinking, if he is not a taxi driver, he can be a very good tour guide! LOL


Tall buildings and factories along the highway. Shenzhen is one of the faster growing city in the world. Shenzhen (深圳) is a major city in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong.


Shenzhen airport to Dongmen is about 40 kilometers. It takes approximately 40 minutes (one way) by car.


Our hotel arrangement is made earlier by a friend of Steven. She is working in a travel agency in Malaysia. We are lucky to have her help because both of us are like a ‘stranger’ there. Haha!

This is our hotel. Lee Garden Inn. Not a fancy, high class hotel. When i am traveling, i am not so particular about hotel. All i want is CLEAN because i have mysophobia.


Since we got up so early this morning, so we rest a while in the hotel room and out for dinner later.

Really have no idea what to eat, so i decided to go for my favorite Japanese food. However, i felt very disappointing with the food. The rice was too sticky and not using Japanese rice. Unagi was sucks! Then the worst part is we found a small cockroach hiding inside the salad!



We wandered around for awhile after dinner and went back to the hotel. Sleep early and have more energy for tomorrow! Good night! Zzz..


To be continued ~


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