Birthday Celebration @ Restaurant I-Delicious 爱特壹式港式茶餐厅 @ Seremban 2

Last Sunday, we celebrated advance birthday for my sister and brother, both of them are June’s babies.

We went to I-Delicious again for dinner. Since it was the first time for my second sister and bro in law to be here, they have ordered the signature dishes that I have posted in my previous post. So all I would like to highlight in this post is only the Tuna Cheese Baked Rice that me and my mom ordered and some of the pictures that we took on that day.

I am a cheese lover, every dishes made of cheese would definitely drive me crazy. Cheese Baked Rice is absolutely one of them, somehow there are various types of Cheese Baked Rice here, some with chicken, some with tuna, and many more.

When the food is served, it looked delicious! Unfortunately not until I have put the first spoon into my mouth!! I know it is no good to complain about food, as i have taught to appreciate food. But this dish was extremely sucks! Really sucks!! There are few sauce to choose for the rice. Me and mom chosen mushroom sauce. The sauce was as salty as seawater! The tuna is soddened! I felt like eating an half-cooked porridge!! Oh my goodness! Despite on that, I tried to finish as much as I can, because I don’t want to waste food. However, my mom can’t take it and ordered another dish. Very disappointed!!


Ok, time for cake session!

Me and Joanne bought a chocolate cake from Sweet Hut, which is located just across the road. I would say that the chocolate was very rich but I would prefer the cake texture could be softer.

Today is my brother – Jonathan’s actual birthday. Here is the wish from me:

My dearest brother, wish you a very warm and happy birthday. You are the precious to all of us. I feel blessed to have a brother like you. May you achieve and get, all you ever wish for. Always remember, we love you so much!



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