♥ Charity Works with Family ♥

Today me and my family went to an handicapped & mentally disable centre and an old folks home to do some charity works.

Our first destination was Pusat Jagaan Orang Kurang Upaya Si Putih which is located nearby to our home. We actually dropped by to this place and met the president one day before our charity work. We wanted to know them deeply and understand their situation. Most importantly what can we give to help them.


This is a privately-run care centre by an Indian couple. They started this centre few years ago. Reason is they have a son who is also suffering mentally problem since he is born. So the couple decided to establish this centre so that someone can take over the centre and take care of their son one day when they are old. So touching! I feel like crying now.. 😥

The next destination was Sikamat Old Folks Home. It is a NGO care centre. We are not familiar in Sikamat, so before we reach the destination, we went to a wrong road, kept on calling my brother in law for road guide and so on. No matter how, our mind is to reach the old folks home! 🙂

After some time, we are finally reached! Actually the person in charge is not around today. We called yesterday and was told to meet a guy (sorry i couldn’t remember his name). We saw a couple of elderly men was sitting at the community hall outside. They saw us came and walked towards to the main gate. An elderly men claimed that he is the one that we are looking and introduced himself to us as ‘kepala’ aka head of centre. After clarified, he brought us around and introduced us to all elderly.


Here women and men has separately rooms. I noticed that this old folks home is very clean and good environment. Not like some other nursing home / old folks home that i visited last time.


Reminder for the elderly. It is placed on every elderly’s place to ensure their daily routine.

This old folks home is currently accommodated a total of 90 elderly. Age ranging from 70 to 90 plus. Kepala told us, the main requirement to stay in here is the person must be age 50 or above, single, never get married and never have any child.






We became very close, very warm feeling to each other. We went to every elderly.. Greeted, distributed foods and chat with them on by one. Most of the elderly here are cheerful and friendly.

There is a community hall and exercise room too.



Notice board showing the activities and the name of people who has done their charity works or donation to the centre.




Kepala told us, there is a gardener expert will come to the centre to give them some gardening or planting lessons. No wondered all the veggies and flowers here are so lushly growth.



Lastly, some pictures of me and my mom with elderly. The elderly men on the far right is Kepala. He is such a nice and sporting elderly folk that i have ever met! We promised will surely pay a visit to them again soon!



Hope the community can have more enthusiastic people to visit nursing home / old folks home / orphanage home, to show our care, chat with them, so that they can feel the warmth from the community. It is important than anything else. Because of you, the world become better and beautiful! ♥


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