Beauty Review: Sávee Beauty Mask

I went for grocery shopping with my mom and sister last weekend. We passed by a beauty booth and got attracted by the signboard stated ‘RM1’ for all the facial masks! Sávee is a beauty brand from Singapore and have a branch in Subang Jaya. They were having a three days promotion. I have bought ten assorted facial masks from Sávee and have already tried some of it. In my opinion, I do not think it is good for me. I prefer essence that is thick and rich but certain masks from Sávee products are watery and it makes the process a little troublesome because it drips everywhere and makes it hard for me to relax and enjoy. I personally think that, most of the paper mask is a bit too thick. I have also bought the Nano Platinum Placenta from Sávee 3D Paper Mask Series and Eye Mask too. I am going to do review on these soon.

No offence, this is just my honest review on this facial mask. The paper mask is quite thick and it doesn’t stick to my face well, I have to constantly readjust the position to expel the air bubbles and the essence is watery. I noticed some effect on my face after using this mask but the result was not very obvious.


For more information on Sávee, please visit:


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