Qing Ming Festival (清明节)

I went to Nilai Memorial Park with my family for Qing Ming last Saturday.




The Qing Ming Festival (清明节) is a celebration of remembering and honoring our ancestors.

The Qing Ming Festival is also known as the Clear Brightness Festival and Tomb Sweeping Day.

Each year during the Qing Ming Festival, which falls across April 4th – 6th, people in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, along with other Chinese communities spread across Asia, honor their decreased relatives by visiting their graves.

Qing Ming festival is a time for families to come together to honor their ancestors with offerings and by tending to their graves and burial grounds.





The graves are first tended to by weeding, sweeping, and cleaning them by the family members from young to old to perform the usual rituals. Offerings of food, tea, wine are provided as the Chinese believe the dead need sustenance as much as we do in the afterlife.



Our family members, young and old performed the usual rituals which include pulling out weeds around the tomb, cleaning the headstone and replacing wilted or dead flowers with fresh ones. We also offered food, burnt incense and paper offerings.


In order for the deceased to prosper in the after life, the Chinese burn joss paper, or spirit money, and paper replicas (this year popular items are ipad, Note 2 etc). These would be burnt to ensure that the spirit of the deceased will have lots of wealth and good things in the afterlife.



Once the food has been ceremonially offered, the food is then eaten as a family picnic.

The weather was nice..


It will be a golden opportunity for ice cream seller on Ching Ming Festival.



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