It’s My Birthday Again…

It’s my birthday again!!!

Sometime i wish that i could forget my birthday. I hate the fact that I’m turning old.

Over the years I’ve learnt to lower my expectation when it comes to birthdays.

I used to be a romantic person and always try to put in so much effort in conjuring the perfect birthday presents, surprises for my loved ones. I must admit that i would prefer others can cherish me in return. However, i realized and learnt that not everyone can be like me, and to expect the same out of someone else is so much difficult and too much to ask for.

I will still have the hope and hoping for a perfect birthday and surprises from others. I know this could cause me more disappointments if thing turns out blues. I just need a long time to learn to not expect much out of others.

This year I got a very simple birthday.

Before a day on my birthday, Mr. S surprised me a birthday dinner in Crow’s Nest, Avillion Port Dickson.



I was so hungry and can’t wait to eat!


Finally.. My Tenderloin is served! But it has turned me down. I was very disappointed of my tenderloin! It was overcooked and very hard to bite. No joke! It was just as hard as a rock! With that kind of price, i would expected it to be good! First and last.. No more next time!


His Chicken Chop was nice according to him.


Our dessert Strawberry Mango Chocolate Parfait


I got a bouquet of roses from him by 12am. I love flowers, despite i think it is such a waste of money. 😀


And of cause, birthday cake. I didn’t cut the cake on that night as i was too full.

Strawberry Cheese Cake.




You might ask me where is the birthday gift? I can tell you straight, there is no birthday gift for me! Someone told me my birthday gift is out of stock and only will be replaced soon. WTF! Well.. As i said, it is so so so difficult to expect much out of others. So i keep telling myself no big deal, no big deal!!

On the morning of my actual birthday, my beloved family sang the birthday song for me and i have made birthday wishes. Hope all my wishes will come true. 😛

Cappuccino Cheese Cake from my sister, Joanne.


Joanne also bought me some macaroons! I love macaroons specially those colorful macaroons!



After that we went to 大树头饭店 for lunch. Thanks both my sister Joanne and Foong for the nice birthday lunch.






Once again,

Thank you to those who overwhelmed my facebook wall with all your wishes.

Thank you those who sent your birthday wishes to me thru whatsapp.


Thank you my family and Mr. S for the dinner, lunch, flowers and cakes.

Love you all~! ❤


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