number76 @ Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

I went to Number76 in Mon’t Kiara before Chinese New Year to have my haircut. I usually like to do more researches before i decided to go (hair salon and facial centre). I glanced through their website, instagram and also noticed that many good feedback from many bloggers. My stylist director is a Japanese – Hikki-san. She is a very soft spoken lady!

After sat down, she asked me what i want to do with my hair and also showed me some magazines about picture of haircut. I don’t know if i am too dumb for explanation or was it because she don’t get what i meant. Overall, i am fine with the haircut she done, just that i can’t get what i really wanted. Customer will be automatically became a membership and a RM20 voucher (for 1st time customer only).

I am an Instagram’s fan and also following Number76. One day, when I was checking on Instagram, I have noticed that this guy called Steve (Stylist Director) from Mid Valley posted pictures that he cut for his customers and i thought that is what i wanted! So I decided to give him a try.

Last night, me and Mr. S met up few friends and customers in Mid Valley. So i walked-in to the salon and made appointment with Steve for today.

The first impression Steve gave me was he looks like a Japanese (from his look and he can really speaks like a Japanese, no joke!).

I explained to him what i want, and he listened carefully. He gave me suggestions and try his best to fulfill what i wanted.

Before he cut my hair, another guy washed my hair. He told me that he will use Tansan (炭酸) on my hair. So what is Tansan (炭酸)? It is also known as Beryllium carbonate, usually use for facial. I was told that Tansan (炭酸) is very popular and widely used in Japan and Number76 is the first salon that launched Tansan (炭酸) in Malaysia and just launched recently.


Normal price for Tansan (炭酸) is RM50. They are having promotion now for RM25. promotion valid until 15 April 2013. This service is available in all three branches (Mid Valley, Mon’t Kiara & Bangsar).

The guy showed me the result after my Tansan (炭酸) treatment. Some oil mixed with something like dandruff in a container. It was the dirt caused by my scalp. He told me mine is just normal as he has encounter some customers with even serious problem. Honestly, after the treatment, i felt my hair is lighter, super clean and hair more volume. Good news for people like me who is having flat hair.



Thanks Steve for his patient, advises and service. The staffs here are also super friendly and polite, very Japanese style and attitude! Like like like!!!

Oh ya, i have to mention this.. The guy who washed my hair (don’t know his name), was super kind! He asked me if i have taken my breakfast (cos my appointment was about noon). I said no, he quickly served me a cuppa tea with cookie. Like like like!!!

Satisfied result!


number76 Mid Valley

A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley CIty, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utra 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2287 0661/0662



Business Hours: 10:30 – 19:30 (Closed on Monday)


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