Acyclovir Cream – A Life Saver For Cold Sores!

Ever since last year, I have this stupid cold sores problem that attacked me every year! It came back again couple of weeks ago! At first I thought it was just some zits or pimples that pop up. It expanded bigger on my lower lip. Thanks god not the whole lips! Otherwise people will sure laugh at me ‘sausage lips’ or something!!

I was letting it to cure naturally by applying powder or anything that I think can dry up the affected area. It get worsen every time when I wash my face because it became wet again and making it even harder to cure. I was so miserable and worried, especially Chinese New Year is coming very soon.

So last weekend when i went back to my hometown, my mom advised me to go to see our family doctor near our house.

Doctor told me cold sores actually is a type of virus. It also known as Herpes labialis, or orolabial herpes. For further information about cold sores, please check out here. He said will give me something very good and no doubt! This Acyclovir cream really works!!!

I apply it twice a day as per doctor advised. And just within a few days it cured 99% now! I am a happy girl again!! Lalalalala!!!!


It came with cream type. So it won’t really make skin crack but only will fade away from the affected area.

Oh, did I mention that it is edible too? 🙂



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