Mama In KL ~ Dec 2012

My mom made a day trip to KL for ‘jalan-jalan cari makan’ last weekend. So me and sister brought her to Pavilion. Before started our shopping, we had lunch in Sushi Tei. One of my mom’s favorite food is Japanese cuisine. We have suggested her many type of foods and she still chosen Japanese food. Haha! We have been to Sushi Tei several times. Foods are fresh and alot of varieties to choose.

While waiting for our food.. As usual, camwhore! *wink wink*


These are the foods we ordered. There are more but i only managed to take few pictures as we were too hungry already!

Note: The 3 pictures at the bottom of this picture is foods that we had in Lot10 Hutong for dinner..


After lunch, we continue our shopping then dropped by in Snowflake for charge some ‘energies’.. I love their Snowflake bestseller (cold)! My mom said nice but kinda cold.. Aiyo! Mama, that is why they called it snowflake mah. Hmm.. Anyway, she still finished it! 😛


Snap snap snap…


Wondering what is this Doraemon is here?

It is for Parkamaya.. Doraemon will their upcoming brand soon..



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