My First fitflop

I have bought a pair of fitflop yesterday. It is a much-loved brand that has been redefining flip-flops with their extremely comfy though ridiculously priced footwear! It would be my first most expensive flip-flop that i bought in my life so far.

Why is it fitflop is so popular? It is just like any other normal flip-flop. Why is it so expensive? There are many people think those who will spend a few hundred dollars  just for a pair of flip-flop is really a nut. I don’t blame them because before this i have that thought too. But that was before i know the ‘real true fact’ about this footwear.

So What Is Fitflop Anyway?

Fitflop is a toning shoe brand biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten your leg muscles while you walk. The company website says that the shoes incorporate “patent-pending micro-wobbleboard technology” in the midsoles that makes your calf, thigh, and butt muscles work harder than normal. It will add great value to your efforts to have beautiful legs. It can also will help improve postures, alleviate pain in your feet and back.

This is my fitflop Lunetta… And i love it! One of the reason i chosen Lunetta is because this flip-flop footbed runs slimmer than other models and it suits me.

Lunetta are built with the same technology as the other FitFlop shoes to provide you with:

  • Reduce foot pressure and pain from heel spurs
  • Help realign ground force reaction closer to your joints so you will feel less ache in your hips and knees
  • Help increase leg and bottom muscle tone


I am unable to share my review for now as i have just bought and haven’t experience it. Overall, i think Fitflop is utterly stylish and truly beneficial. The only small disadvantage is i find it not easily to match with my outfit as it is more like a casual wear. I might write a review after i have tried wearing it, please stay tuned!


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