1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice, USJ

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice is a locally owned service restaurant chain that positioned as local renowned chicken rice brand and ethnic food through their creative approach to the company’s image and detail presentation.

In 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice, their philosophy is to only use premium top notch raw ingredients to serve the customer.

The fresh Bean Sprouts are grown in Buntong of Ipoh, which are specially tasty, crunchy, plump and juicy with the essential nutrients for good health. This is due to the natural underground water which is rich in minerals, and also the implementation of natural and original farming methods without any artificial fertilizer.

With the rigorous quality control and sustainability of their unique traditional chicken rice recipe, which made their signature Chicken became soft and smooth with that almost perfect consistency, together with the extraordinary Bean Sprouts.


When I first walked in to the restaurant, I was mistakenly thought it is the 1977 New Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant because their interior design was nearly the same. An opened kitchen allows customer to see the chefs are preparing the foods. I was in this restaurant for lunch but noticed that only one table occupied in the whole big area. I always have bad impression that if a restaurant with very few customer especially during peak hours. Of cause, this time I hope my perception was wrong as I really need a good lunch! I noticed that all staffs here are only Malays and some foreign workers. I then realized that this is because it served Halal dishes. There is free WIFI but need to request for password. Unfortunately I was unable to connect to the Internet line despite I have keyed in the password several times. The restaurant looks quite new and clean.

Our foods are served quite promptly, not sure if it is because there were not many customer at that time. Staffs are friendly too.

The chicken rice set menu came with chicken rice + bean sprout + fried onion + chicken soup + drink.

Peach tea. Very refreshing especially on this sunny day!


Fried onion. Tasted like it has fried for long time ago before it served. I would prefer it to be more crunchier.


Roasted chicken (Tight). It was not very fresh. The chicken just like over cooked and soggy.


The bean sprout is served in huge portion! Ipoh bean sprout is very popular. No doubt, it was very crunchy, fresh and sweet!


The chicken rice was not oily and nice.


This chicken soup tasted awful to me! Too much of ajinomoto and tasted funny.


I think this fried noodle was the best dish among all the foods we have ordered today. Using yellow noodle and fried like Mamak Mee. Not too dry. Served with prawns, fish cakes, eggs and veggies. I must say that the gravy was the best ingredient that made the whole dish good!


Chicken Rice – Set (RM9.90)
Fried Noodle (RM6.50)
Service Charge 5% (RM0.82)

Total (RM17.20)


No. 32, Jalan USJ 9/N5, 47620, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603-80230725

GPS Coordinates: –

Website: http://1977ipohchickenhalal.com/main.htm

Operating Hours: –




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