My New Puma Lily Lace Ballerina Flats

I just bought a pair of Puma Lily Lace Ballerina Flats. Love the design and color so much.

我刚买了一双鞋。它是 PUMA 新出的 Lily Lace Ballerina Flats. 我喜欢它的设计及颜色。不太关注运品牌的我还以为他们只卖运动鞋呢。真的让我大开眼界!

I have a problem, it is very difficult for me to get a suitable pair of shoes. New shoes always torture me. They like to bite me!! I hope this one will love me. Cos i will bring it to Australia for holiday. Haha! *fingers crossed*

一直以来我都很难买鞋。每当穿上新买的鞋,它一定不放过我!它们非咬我不可! 希望这双新买的PUMA 会疼我多一点,手下留情!因为我很快就会带它去澳洲旅行。 哈哈!


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