Free Ice Cream @ Baskin Robbins

In appreciation of the valiant efforts by Malaysian Olympians, Impian Emas Negara, an Olympics’ initiative by Media Prima Bhd, has decided to reward all Malaysians with free Baskin-Robbins ice-cream.

Earlier, Impian Emas Negara had pledged to give out free ice-cream at Baskin-Robbins outlets nationwide if Malaysia wins its very first Olympics gold medal.

Impian Emas Negara will still give out free ice-cream today at all 61 Baskin-Robbins outlets nationwide (excluding two kiosks at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar, and Genting Theme Park) from 8 pm to 10 pm.

“Every single Malaysian will be entitled to one scoop of the much-loved ice-cream brand,” said Ahmad Izham Omar, Chief Operating Officer, TV Networks and Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios, Media Prima Bhd.

“It was such an amazing experience for us Malaysians to witness our athletes compete superbly in the world’s most prestigious sports event.

Source: Bernama

We have reached Baskin Robbins Kota Kemuning at 7:15pm. People already lined up the queue earlier than us. The queue was getting longer and longer by 7:30pm. We were lucky that we came early. Despite waiting for nearly an hour to get our free ice cream, i don’t made any complain but felt quite fun! I am glad that it was on evening and weather was just fine and no rain! I can’t imagine if it was on daytime and wonder if people will still queue under the sun and be patience for that scoop of free ice cream. Haha! Thank you Impian Emas Negara and BK for being so generous and kind! Oh ya.. Not to forget to thank you Dato Lee Chong Wei too! No matter what, win or loss, you have made us and our country proud!

People already lined up before we came

The crowd started

Long Q

By 8pm sharp the door is opened. And there our free ice cream starts!

BK closed at 6pm and re-opened at 8pm

I got the number 93

Everyone will be entitled to select one scoop of their much-loved ice-cream
Thank you BK for being so generous and kind!

Finally!! And I love my Cherries Jubilee!! I feel like I am the most happiest lady today!!


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