Our FiFi Is A Mother Now!

Finally, today 16 July 2012… FiFi – our little doggie has given birth to four puppies this morning around 4:30. Me and mom has been up by 5:30 this morning and heard the sound of puppy’s whining from the car porch. Mom quickly ran out and checked. She screamed with full of excitement and sent me the good news!

Sadly one of the pups have not survived and one is surviving. We all feel very guilty for not watching and assisting in her labor process! Because we could have made a difference.

We must admit that we are inexperience and new when facing this situation. This is our very first time dealing with ‘dog’s labour’! We didn’t know that most dogs deliver their puppies right around 60 days (2 months). All of us thought it is for three months! Due to this reason, we did not get well prepare. Fortunately, the only thing we have prepared earlier is a whelping box in standby, so the mother and puppies are staying in right now. But we will find a better whelping place for them very soon as the current one is too small.

The puppies were whining from hunger and FiFi were feeding them milk. She used to be like a princess, like to be pampered and playful. Now she is just like any human mother would. Of cause she is still the princess to us now and forever!

FiFi is very exhausted. After an hour (about 5:30am), she has given birth to another puppy!

FiFi is resting inside this whelping box.

I went back to KL after making sure the mother and puppies are ok. At 1pm, I have received a call from my family, I was told that the 4th puppy has been delivered! Wow.. After so many hours!! Unbelievable!! So now altogether three are surviving and one went to heaven.

This is FiFi first time being a mother. We really feel proud and happy!

In case you are wandering, there are two that are brown. One is black. Sadly the one that passed looked just like his mother.

Milk feeding


Poor puppy! Sob sob.. R.I.P little poor puppy.



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