Senja Restaurant @ The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I was invited to a tasting session for the delights of Italian Senja Restaurant at Saujana in Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur by a good friend. I was elated cause I love Italian food. I find myself blessed to have understanding buddy, who are very supportive of my foodie adventures.

Senja is situated in an ulu and remote location is an understatement. But that’s exactly the beauty of it. Tucked within the lush greenery surrounding by high-end condo and an International Japanese School along old Subang airport road.

Like what I mentioned in my previous blog post on Senja, I have been going to few Italian restaurants recently, Senja still one of my best Italian restaurant. The cooking execution was flawless. And the ingredients were clearly very high quality and fresh. This all added up to create some very, very good food.

From the outside the Senja Restaurant at Saujana is an impressive looking building, and this is continued within. The restaurant is not too far from the grounds of the Saujana Hotel bordering the Saujana Golf and Country Club and is adjacent to the lake within the private ground with dining inside or the opportunity to dine outside on the terrace over the water with a spectacular view of the lake and the golf course along with live music entertainment, the Senja Restaurant promises a great experience that one will never forget.

As you enter this large L shaped restaurant you cannot but notice the multiple awards (11 recently added) picked up by the Senja Restaurant at Saujana at the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival. To the right as you enter the restaurant is the long bar, to the left the grand piano for the live-band performance. The dining room was very big, with vaulted ceilings and a lot space between tables. The decor was classic and elegant.

The main dining room features a show kitchen, which serves piping hot pizzas and bread from a traditional oven, and favourite pasta dishes along with other Italian specialties.We have the opportunity to the try the 3 Course of Antipasto Misto Lunch Buffet by the Head Chef – Chef Filippo Giunta.We have arranged to be seated a table indoors and looking out over the lake.We started off the tasting with the complimentary fresh breads with a wonderful olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. They were soft, with a nice chew, and a decent crust.

The first appetizing dish was Carpoccia di Salmone Affumicato can Finocchi (RM 32)

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Carpaccio, Sicilian Fennel Caponata and Rocket Leaves

It was fresh and smoked in house. The large filet of perfectly prepared fish was neither raw, nor overcooked. The smoking did not overpower the natural mild flavor of the fresh fish and the portion was very generous.

We then invited to the buffet section. There were about ten selections of Antipasto Misto to be served.

Verdure Grigliate con Parmigiano Croccante (RM 30)

Composition of Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables and Parmesan Crisp, Olive Oil and Balsamic Dressing

Insalata Mista di Stagione con Pomodorini Confit ed Asparagi (RM 27)

Mesclun Salad with Cherry Tomato Confit, Asparagus, Italian Pecorino Shaves

Mozzarella di Bufala Caprese con Pomodori “Roma” E Olio al Basilico (RM 49)

New Caprese Style of Buffalo Mozzarella with tomato and Basil Oil

The mozzarella was delicious – slightly sweet, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth good.

The Senja Restaurant features a selection of Italian cuisine.

For the mains, we had the Spaghetti allo Zafferano con Vongole di Limone (RM 60)

Saffron Spaghetti with Olive Oil, clams and Lemon Confit

The pasta was perfectly cooked al dente. It had a great chew to it. Saffron is the most expensive and precious spice in the world. Each saffron strand is actually the dried stigma of a small crocus flower. The saffron gives it a glowing yellow colour and distictive flavour. The clams on top were pretty standard. The sauce was again perfectly seasoned, salty, but in a great way.

We were soon served an Asparagus Risotto with Scallops and Mascarpone Cheese. The scallops were cooked very, very well. Anyone who truly loves risotto would frown upon this, but finding places that understand the importance of making risotto from start to finish, at the time it is ordered, are few and far between.

Risotto di Asparagi con Capesante in Padella e Salsa Mascarpone (RM 35)

Few dishes has brought out after the risotto were served.

Filetto di Branzino con Spinaci Saltati, Salsa Mediterraneo e Bucce di Arance Candite (RM75)

Fillet of Sea Bass with Sauteed Spinach, Spicy Seafood Sauce and Orange Zest.

The Sea Bass was firm texture, but still soft and flaky.

Pizza Diavola (RM45)

Tomato, Mozzarella Chilli, Beef Salami, Pepperoni, Onion, Black Olive

In general, the crust has this excellent burnt chewiness and a mild sweetness. The special was topped with tomato, mozzarella chilli, beef salami,pepperoni, onion and black olive. Even though it was pitched as a spicy pizza, the sweetness of the sauce balanced everything out nicely. The salami had a medium kick, but the coverage was solid.

We were all stuffed to the brim, with the quality of the menu items at Senja, I made sure to leave enough room for dessert.

It will be foolish to have an Italian food without trying the Tiramisu.

Mascapone Soffice alla Delizia del Cafe (RM 29)

It was topped with blueberry sauce preparations: a granita and compressed blueberries. They paired well with this Tiramisu.

Tiramisu if directly translated means “pick me up” which metaphorically means “make me happy”, that makes perfect sense as that’s what the caffeine and cocoa content in this dish makes to you.

Tortino Morbido al Cioccalato con Caramel Croccantino e Gelato (RM 29.00).

I was elated when this was served. The Tortino Morbido al Cioccalato con Caramel Croccantino e Gelato was just nice to satisfy me after the main course and I was more than contented. French food are intricate yet exquisite and this did not let me down. The deep chocolate flavor paired wonderfully with the Häagen-Dazs ice cream. The  chocolate coating was high quality, with a good flavor. The texture and taste of thick chocolate that was consistent with the melt-in-the-mouth effect!

The food review ended with Parfaits Siciliano con Lamponi (RM 30.00)

The Parfaits was a really creamy, almost perfect consistency.

The presentation of this dish was incredibly beautiful and the taste was amazing. While it looks small, it’s really the perfect size to end such a filling meal.

Before the whole food review ended. I had an opportunity to meet up with Chef Giunta in person. Chef Giunta joined The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur in April 2012. He has work in London’s best-Dolado, Number Twelve, Zaffereno- all headed by Michelin star restaurants. Most recent, Chef Giunta was the Head Chef at the Oberoi Hotel’s renowned Traventino Restaurant. It was named as Best Italian Restaurant in India by Ospitalina Award in 2011. He has successfully brings his own signature Italian dishes to Malaysia.

Antipasto Misto is available from now. With the quality and affordable price, it will definitely worth! This new menu is also specially made for working people who like to grab a quick and healthy lunch.

The  Antipasto Misto  menu choices:

Antipasto Buffet RM35++, any of 2 Courses for RM 65++, or any of 3 Course for RM75++, where you can pick from Italian Semi Buffet, Spaghetti alla Carbonara or Risotto ai Frutti di Mare orSpaghetti Alla Pescatora in Bianco or Pizza Margherita or Pizza Diavola or Pizza Mediterraneo and Dessert and Coffee/Tea .

And with the a la carte version, you can pick courses from the classic menu as well.

What make me come back to Senja Restaurant at Saujana is quite straightforward, it is the Ambiance, Quality of service and most importantly the food! Food was simply delicious and authentic.

The staff is attentive,very excited, and knowledgeable about their menu. Senja Italian restaurant is a good option for a romantic dinner, family or friend gathering with prices being slightly above mid range.

Additional info, for those who are planning to have a wedding function at Senja, this restaurant can comfortably fit up to 70 guests with a empty space for jazz live band, cake cutting and champagne fountain. Dinner can be served in individual plate or buffet style, subject to number of pax and agreement with the chef and hotel.

Senja’s newly refurbished interior perfectly suits its flourishing surroundings.

If you want to have an unforgettable dining experience with the best of Italian cuisine and enjoy the wonderful ambiance, Senja have it all!

Lastly, I would like to have a special thanks to my good friend – Nigel Low for the invitation! Also thanks to The Saujana Hotel, especially to the friendly Public Relations Team – Mr. Azimy Wan Ahmad of PR Manager and Mr. Mohammad Izzrin of PR Executive for the hosting this tasting session. I enjoyed the lunch much!

Senja Restaurant

Saujana Resort, Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: +603 7843 1234

GPS: –

Email: or


Operating Hours: Tuesday to Fridays from 12 noon – 2 p.m. (Lunch) / Tuesdays to Sundays 7 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. (Dinner)



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