Big Big Bowl Cafe, Kepong

Thanks to this food review session courtesy of Ivy Kam and a friend who invited me, Nigel Low.

The restaurant served home-cooked food with less salt and Ajinamoto. The owner of the café is a Hakka. Therefore, Lui Cha 擂茶 or Ham Cha is the most sellable dish in the café. The signature tea is what truly makes the Lui Cha one of the great dishes in this café.

This restaurant were interviewed by press.

Some recommended menu were posted on this green board near the entrance of the restaurant.

We reached early… While waiting for other bloggers to come, we were having tea.

Lei Cha is a traditional Hakka dish. Better known as pounded tea in English. Lui Cha exudes the kind of practicality & earthliness which may be unique of the Hakka psych, in the preparation of food.

It is a very healthy food. As for the taste, either you’ll love it or you won’t.

My very first time heard about Lui Cha is when I was a school girl. My classmate is a Hakka and she invited me to her house for lunch. Her mother is very good for making Lui Cha. Initially when I look at the Tea that served in front of me, I hesitated when I look at the colour and I dislike the taste as it was too strong. After many years, and trying it several times in few Hakka restaurants, I believe the tea is a very good and healthy food with all the natural ingredients used without any flavoring.

Dry Mixed Veggie Pan Mien / Rice (Served With Lui Cha Soup) 干捞擂茶板面/饭 (备有擂茶汤)RM7.50

Homemade Lui Cha. Concentrated.

Fried peanuts were mixed together with other ingredients. I was crunchy!

Healthy food is very important to me as well as taste. This provided a great combination of both tasty and healthy.

Everything in this restaurant are homemade! Even the noodles! The noodles are made with seven type of veggies. Healthy isn’t it? 🙂

Seven Veggie Pan Mien 七菜清汤板面 RM5.50 (regular) RM8.50 (big big bowl)

The Pan Mien was smooth and chewy.

Signature Curry Pan Mien 特式咖哩板面 RM10.50 (regular) RM13.50 (big big bowl)

The differences of the size of bowl.

Belacan Fried Lady Finger 马来风光炒羊角豆 RM8

Claypot Rice Wine Chicken 瓦煲黄酒鸡 RM15.50 (regular) RM20.50 (big)

The chicken was tender, came with black fungus, and cooked with light rice wine.

The wine does not taste too strong nor heavy but sweet. I was told the a real good wine tastes sweet and not bitter.

The lady boss told us that they have been brewing the wine by their own.

Claypot Siam Style Pork Belly 暹罗火爆花腩煲 RM13.50 (regular) RM16.50 (big)

It was fatty, but the fat makes sure the meat is tender and juicy. Cooked with dried chili and it was spicy. It has a mild slow-burn as you eat it.

Claypot Vinegar Trotters 瓦煲猪脚醋 RM15.50 (regular) RM20.50 (big)

Udon Special With Sambal / Black Pepper 特式乌冬面 RM8.50

Wrapped like Pattaya style. With a layer of egg. Customer can choose without the egg.

Signature Mix Platter (Based On Special Request) 招牌杂拼盘RM19.90

The sauce for Mix Platter

Me & Ivy Kam, the organizer.Thanks Ivy for the invite!

Group picture with the restaurant owner Angie (middle) and other food bloggers.

Aside from the dishes posted here, there are more selections to choose from. Such as Tom Yam Seafood Pan Mien, Nyonya Curry Pan Mien, In-House Made Mixed Yong Tau Fu, Yang Chow Fried Rice, To Yam Fried Rice, Ka Heong Fried Rice, Salted Fish Fried Rice, Lap Cheong Fried Rice, Braised Pork Ribs Pan Mien, Hot & Spicy Pan Mien, Preserved Veggie & Shredded Pork Pan Mien and etc.

Big Big Bowl Cafe

No.31, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 Malaysia.

Tel: +6012 211 5564

GPS Coordinate: –

Website: –

Business Hour: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Thu), 11am – 10pm (Fri-Sun) Alternate off on Tuesday (2nd & 4th week of the month)


Non Halal


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