Nathan’s Corner @ OUG, KL

I was in Scott Garden doing some researches with few close friends couple of days ago. We went Nathan’s Corner in OUG for dinner after that.

According to friends, here served good Nasi Lemak. Unfortunately it is all sold out.

Bandung drink. Bandung is very popular for  Malay. I simply have the perception. No reason. Maybe i have seen Malays like to drink it everywhere i go.

Milo Iced. It seemed nice as i can see the contain was thick and ‘kao’.

Garlic Chicken Fried Rice. To be frank, if no one told me what is this, i would mistakenly thought it was tomato rice. Don’t you think so?

Well, according to my friend.. He tried it in their old shop in Puchong last time. And it was fantastic so he can’t wait to have it again.

He happily ate when the food is served. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste as good as previous and it tasted awful! Despite of the disappointment, he managed to finished the whole big plate of rice as he don’t like to waste food. Poor guy!

I took a spoon and tried, it was spicy and the spiciness has covered the garlic fragrance. One word to describe : SPICY! Nothing all beside spicy taste.

My other friend ordered Nasi Goreng Ayam. At least this was better. But not to consider very good, just nice.

I ordered Maggie Goreng with Chicken. Nothing special, just like any other normal Mamak’s.

Overall, i think the foods are normal. Nothing impress me so far. If i have a chance to go back, i will try the Nasi Lemak since everyone said good.

Nathan’s Corner

Jalan 6/155, Taman Industri Bukit OUG, 8200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.





4 thoughts on “Nathan’s Corner @ OUG, KL

  1. Kalai Vanan R says:

    one of the BEST Indian Food Restaurant in Malaysia is R NATHAN S CORNER
    Not only Indian dishes, but also in Chinese sea foods. I Went with my Family
    and they enjoyed the dishes very much. FREE WI FI speed surprised my kids.

  2. siva says:

    Nathan s corner is the best place for Indian, Chinese and Thai foods.
    people like the dishes very much.
    I am from India and visited his Hotel once and very much happy

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