Laksa @ Restoran Asia, Seremban

When talk about food in Seremban. Many people usually will relate it to Seremban crab, Seremban Siew Pau, Hakka mee, beef noodles. You really think that’s all? Of cos not! Seremban actually is a food heaven (if you know where to find the good food).

Laksa in Restoran Asia is the best Laksa i have ever tried so far. I have blogged about this restaurant earlier. Staying in Seremban for twenty over years, i have discovered this place when i was in secondary school. The owner is my sister’s friend’s mother.

This little bowl of noodle contains very good curry broth, tau fu pok, beansprouts, char siew or egg and lala (clams). Slurrrpp.. Laksa is common here everywhere. But the laksa has a distinctive curry taste that you can not find else where. That’s the reason we can’t resist to go back there often.

It always comes with homemade chili paste when the food is served. I have to mention that the combination of this chili and the Laksa is heaven!! For those who love spicy, i guarantee you will fall in love and want to add more (it’s free for additional chilies). Well, if you don’t like spicy, i would advise you not to even try because it is really HOT! Despite on that, i can say it is a waste for not to try it on. You might regret later. 😛

Beside Laksa (Mee, Meehoon (rice vermicelli) and Lou Shu Fan), the restaurant serves steam Kaya bread and Kon Loh mee  or Chinese 乾撈麵.

Price: RM3.50 (small), RM4.00(medium), RM4.30 (large)

Restoran Asia is having another branch in Senawang. However, the recipe and style of making Laksa is very different and branch in Senawang serves more varieties of food such as Yong Tau Fu, Nasi Lemak etc. I will visit the place and share with everyone very soon. Please follow my blog all the time ya. 🙂

Restoran Asia

364, Jalan Tok Ungku, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Tel: –

GPS Coordinate: 2°42’8″N 101°57’14″E

Website: –

Business Hour: 7am till finish


Non Halal


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