Domino’s Pizza

I felt so lazy to move my butt today. So i ordered for delivery.

As everyone know Domino’s does a pretty good for a delivery pizza. It came to my doorstep less 30 minutes.

Am definitely not a big eater. I was told the minimum of order for delivery is RM20. My mind was blanked because i thought of ordering a personal pizza. No choice, i got to make decision. So i ordered the regular pizza. I had the whole big pizza all by myself! Can’t believe i did it!!! Haha!!! Am being so full like a python after had a big giant horse now!! Can’t move and sleepy!!!!

My yummy pizza: 1 regular Classified Chicken (Classic Hand-Tossed Crust)

Classified Chicken – mozzarella cheese, smoked chicken breast, onion and mushroom – is one of two with their Top Secret Sauce. It’s a creamy and cheesy white sauce with a hint of garlic. Love the sauce!

Domino’s Pizza

Tel: 1-300-888 3-33


Business Hour: 10.30am – 11.00pm (Daily)



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