Another New Shopping Mall – CITTA Mall

Back to 5 years ago Ara Damansara used to have a nick name – ghost town . Because there is has nothing except few offices and housing area which surrounded by jungle and trees. Who is going to be building new shopping centers, shopping malls, and stores where you have ghost towns? After so many years, everything has been changed. Offices, houses and mall are blooming up, the value of property has raise. But the traffic is getting more congested!! 😦

Citta Mall is the first shopping mall opened here. This building is has abandoned for quite some time. It is inconspicuous and looks like a square block.
Puncakdana Sdn Bhd, in partnership with SEB Asset Management — one of Germany’s largest real estate fund managers.

It is a “convenience-based” strip mall with a low-density plot ratio of less than two spanning a large eight-acre footprint. The horse shoe-shaped five-level building, comprising three retail floors, a basement car park and a rooftop.

Here you can find major brands like the 1,800-seater MBO Cinemas, Harvey Norman, Presto…your fresh supermarket, the famed Overseas Restaurant, BBQ King, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Nando’s, PappaRich, San Francisco Coffee, Meatworks, Subway, Wondermilk, Rakuzen, Vitacare Pharmacy, Petsmore, Rhapsody watch shop, Milano eye-wear and etc.

Citta Mall is located on Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang, right opposite Saujana. You can just come in by turning into the service road 200 metres after the U-turn at Saujana.


4 thoughts on “Another New Shopping Mall – CITTA Mall

  1. Usha says:

    Your comment ‘the building has been abandoned for quite some time’ is entirely in error. I live at Puncak Nusa Kelana condo, which is right opposite the main road to Citta Mall. The site was previously a lake, well stocked with fish with secondary forest almost totally encircling the lake. It was a haven for birds of all types, some reptiles and plenty of fish. The sunsets over the lake were nothing less than stunning. During weekends, the surrounding areas would be dotted with little campsite cook-fires as many fishing enthusiasts would come to camp here. Later the developer filled in the lake and begun construction of the mall. Once it was completed, retailers started to come in….it was never an abandoned building….

  2. Notti Monkey says:

    Hi Jojo….I was there last week coz nowhere else to go due to Bersih. Quite disappointed but will definitely return after ALL the shops are opened….hehehehe. Do u have any idea when? 🙂

    • Jojo Says says:


      Thanks for supporting my blog and comment. Appreciate that very much.

      Most of the shops in Citta Mall shall be opened by August 2011. Such as Rakuzen, Chili’s, and many more. 🙂

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