Nasi Lemak @ Glenmarie (a.k.a. Nasi Lemak Petronas)

My friend told me he has participating a food photo contest and asked me out for lunch. He said the contest must be taken in Selangor, the most importantly must be local food.

There are not many places to eat around my office, so we decided to go the most famous Nasi Lemak stall in Glenmarie. It is actually located across Petronas petrol station, which is parallel to the Federal Highway.

This stall has no name. People called it as ‘Nasi Lemak Petronas’ as it is located near Petronas petrol station. The usual crowd comes in during lunch break, and, there are not many tables or chairs, and the queue does get longer and longer. You get the whiff of nice fried chicken as you approach the stall, and there are choices of side dishes such as fried egg, sambal boiled egg, chicken rendang, curry chicken, beef rendang, squid and variety of vegetables, etc. Customer has to queue to choose what type of dishes they like. Bear in mind, the place is not an air conditioned place, it can very very hot and you can get sweat while eating under the hot weather.

Personally point of view, i am quite ok with the food here. Despite i have tried many nice Nasi Lemak before, but i still crave the Nasi Lemak here. 🙂

For the price, it is not cheap. RM7.50 for my Nasi Lemak plus an iced lemon tea.

Sorry for unable to provide detail of the stall as it is without shop name and address. Just follow the info that i provided up there and i hope you able to reach.


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