Finally… It’s Raining!

For the past few weeks, we are facing unusual hot weather.. The sun beats down, lots of humidity. Even outside for a few minnutes i feel as if i walked through hell, so exhausted.

I hate wiping sweat off my forehead every 5 minutes. I find it irratating after taking a shower, feeling fresh and clean but stepping foot outside and having that instantly ruined. Driving in such weather is killing me as well, i am not being able to breathe because of the built up humidity within it even with the aircon on to the max. I can feel is hot air. Some will be getting skin sensitive from the blazing, merciless sun beaming down.

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t like super cold weather either. Snow can frost me to die, but heat can burn me to hell. I prefer chill weather. I don’t like rain and thunderstorms, unless it happen at night. It makes me moody and sleepy. 

It has been stop raining for more than a week now. Sources from news, heats will increase to 36 celsius till next week. Surprisingly, it rained this afternoon and i really don’t mind for this time as i think it is awesome for the cool raindrops in such super hot season!

Take care everyone! Drink more water and cut down your outdoor activities for now.


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