Siew Pau @ Asia Siew Pau, Seremban

After having brunch at Restoran Yi Poh, we came to to Master Siew Pau which is just across the road.

Seremban is famous for Siew Pau. I am naming few famous brands such as Seremban Siew Pau/Empayar Siew Pau, Kee Mei Siew Pau and Asia Siew Pau.

All these Siew Pau are very similar. The only different is the pastry. Some might be crispy and some might not. The filling of Siew Pau is the BBQ pork/chicken wrapped with the pastry. The filling is also very important. Too dry might not be nice. The Siew Pau in Asia Siew Pau was just nice.

In Asia Siew Pau shop, they also sell all kind of bread, buns, cakes, egg tart, coconut tart, cheese tart, lotus paste and red bean paste biscuit, pineapple tart, kaya puff, mooncake, winter melon biscuit and etc.

Coconut tarts

Workers are busy baking. Everything is fresh here.

Look!! The crowd..

Asia Siew Pau
368, Jalan Seng Meng Lee, 70200 Seremban, NSDK, MY

Tel: +606 7632 409

GPS Coordinate: N2 44.044 E101 56.421

Website: –

Business Hours: 6am – 7pm (open daily)


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