Where My Heart Should Belong…

I never thought I would be the one going through all these…
Or maybe there is no easy way.
Or maybe the right way and the easiest way sometimes are so hard for me.

I was lying on bed last night, trying to figure my own life out. I tried to picture my life 5 years from now, 10 years from now.. What’s it look like? No one can predict life either future. But i can decide how and what i want. At least for now.  

I maybe didn’t choose the right one. I didn’t follow my heart. The only thing more impossible than staying, is leaving. I asked myself do i have the courage to destroy anything. To destroy it all. To figure it out. Finally i have a deal. If i want something, will go for it. Life really is too short to wait. I waited too long, or is it still early to start a new chapter?


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