My Belated Birthday Gift From A Special Friend

In life, I do not have many close friend. What I mean here is very close one. The one that I can share thing and feel comfortable.

In fact I know many people. But not all that I can be comfortable when come across. I think best/good friend doesn’t need alot. Just a few is enough. Not that I anti social or whatever. I am not picky when making friend. But I think it is all about chemistry and fate.

I know Wee Kin for quite sometime. She used to work in a same company as me. But she left for another company now. But it doesn’t stop our friendship to grow. We chat everyday via MSN, try to meet each other whenever we are free with a few of other good friends together.

As usual, we met up again last Friday. She passed me a lil gift. Despite my birthday already passed. We exchanged gift as her birthday is end of this month. It is very touching as no one has given me any gift for my birthday this year. I don’t mind what is it actually, it is the matter of heart!

Thank you gal! I appreciate it very much!

A cute mug from her.. ‘Special Friend’!


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