Best Laksa @ Restoran Asia Seremban

Actually you can find many nice food in Seremban. Such as Laksa.

Laksa in Restoran Laksa is pretty well known in town! Always pack with customer.

There are two branches of Restoran Asia. One is in Loop Road and another one is in Senawang. Heard they are both from same family.

Main dishes for both branches are same. It is Laksa! The different between this two restaurant is Senawang branch would have more varieties of food to choose. From Yong Tau Fu, Nasi Lemak to mixed rice. While the branch in Loop Road is only concentrate on Laksa. The other different thing is for the soup. Senawang branch make thicker and stronger taste by using more santan milk. Personally I like to go to the branch in Loop Road. Unless I am craving for a plate of Nasi Lemak, then I will go to the Senawang branch. They served yummy Nasi Lemak. It is just a normal Nasi Lemak, but the sambal is the main ingredient that make me fell in love! Oh ya! And the rice as well! Soft and not too oily.

Customer can choose to have meehoon, yellow noodles or Lou Su Fan. Ingredients with the soup are BBQ pork, beansprouts, hard boiled egg, tofu puffs. Customer may add chicken too, but it is chargeable. The best to accompany the Laksa is with the spicy chillies paste. If you love the chillies paste so much, don’t worry you can buy! It is on sale! RM5.50 per container. My mom bought it after our breakfast there last week. She used it to cook sambal prawn. Every one love it!

Beside Laksa, they also served steamed bread, half boiled egg and dry noodles with minced pork and dark soya sauce.

Since this place is always crowded, customer need to be patient of waiting. Anyway, it won’t takes too long.

RM3.50 for a small bowl

Restoran Asia
364 Jalan Tok Ungku (Loop Road)
70100 Seremban, NSDK.

Tel: –

GPS Coordinate: 2°42’8″N 101°57’14″E


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