Giant Curry Chicken Bun @ Lucky Seafood Restaurant PD

Me and family went to visit my aunt in Port Dickson. My cousin’s wife just delivered a cute baby girl, so we went there to pass her some gifts.

It was about 5.30pm in the evening, we decided to have dinner in Lukut. So my mom suggested to go to Lucky Restaurant in Lukut. When we reached there, the waitress said they will only start business at 6pm. As you know la, Lukut is a veyr small town. Nothing to see and no where to go. Finally we decided to take away their very famous ‘Curry Chicken Bun’. They have ran out of the small bun hence we bought the large bun.

Lucky Restaurant has 3 branches in Seremban. One has closed down due to lack of customer. And now remain 2. One is in Kemayan Square and another one is in Seremban 2. Lucky Restaurant in Lukut is the original and the oldest. I am not sure how many years they have operated, but i still can recall that i have been there when i was in secondary school.

Ok.. Back to the ‘Curry Chicken Bread’..

I heard many customers form outstation such as KL, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka even Singapore and Hong Kong came all the way here to this famous bread! Can you believe that? Wow!!

The curry chicken is stuffed inside the giant bread.

The size of the bun is not like the normal bun. It is as big as a pamelo! Even the way of cutting for the bun is very similar as cutting a pamelo! 😛

Step to open the giant king bun:

1) Use a knife/cooking scissor to open a small little hole on the top of the bread.

2) Cut the whole bread like you cut a pamelo. Remember not too hard. Cut the bread only.

3) Cut the plastic and aluminum wrapper which is stuff with curry chicken in it.

4) Finally you can dip the bread with the curry chicken. The bun will then absorb the yummy goodness of the curry! This is perfectly best combination!

The bread was soft and nice to eat. I can even eat the bread alone without putting anything on it. 😛

The curry chicken was thick and delicious!

2 sizes of the bread. Small – RM20, large – RM25.

Lucky Seafood PD Restaurant
No. 4366, Taman Aman, Jalan Besar
71010 Lukut, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Tel: +606 6512392

GPS Coordinate:  2°34’7″N   101°49’41″E


U Lucky Seafood Restaurant (Seremban)
76, Jalan Toman 4
Kemayan Square, Seremban

GPS Coordinate: 2°43’7″N   101°55’26″E


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