Brunch @ Yong Tau Fu Sam Seremban

Me and my family visit this restaurant quite often. Simply because they served yummy Yong Tau Fu with many type of choices. From stuff chili, stuff bitter gourd, stuff ladies fingers, stuff tau fu, stuff eggplant to fish ball, even chicken wings! And many more!

You can choose to eat the Yong Tau Fu with rice, kuey teow or meehoon. Normally I like to eat it without anything else. Because it can be too fulled. 😛

RM0.80 for each stuff Yong Tau Fu

This restaurant is quite crowded especially peak season/hour. But need not worry about that as they have the stock stand by anytime. Good thing is they replenish the food very fast and cook on the spot.

Restaurant Yong Tau Fu Sam
Taman Bukit Blossom, Jalan Tok Ungku Seremban

Tel: –
GPS Coordinate: –

Business Hour: –


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