I Love Portuguese Egg Tart!

When I first saw KFC Portuguese Egg Tart when i was in Singapore last week, I was quite reluctant to to try. But curious enough I bought only two to try out.

Wow! Surprisingly it turned out much better than expected! I would say better than any bakery shop I have ever tried!

These tarts are very caramelized! With a puffy casing that delightfully light and fluffy. The crust was flakey and crispy.

The custard was beautifully smooth with the egg flavor was quite apparent and tinged with the more subtle sweet taste of caramel. This made me really fell in love with it!

As far as I know, HK already launched this before Singapore. Not sure other country. I hope Malaysia has this as well. Can anyone confirm?

I like to eat their fried chicken. If this Portuguese Egg Tart launched in local KFC, it would be so perfect for me!



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