319 Super Moon

By this week, March 19, the day has sparked controversy in the astronomical community, because the Earth will be in the same day since 1992, from the position of the moon recently, only about more than 350,000 km, scientists worry that this “Super Moon” may interfere with the Earth’s weather patterns, and may even trigger earthquakes and volcanic activity. Does that mean that we are all going to die of scariest hurricanes, raging volcanoes, furious tsunamis and mad earthquakes? Are you one of the nincompoops believes in this? Or you are a logically thinker? For me, I would just carry on my life as usual, maybe live even happiest. 😛 Because either days, life still goes on. I can only say ‘wait and see’! 🙂

Love the earth, love the green! Save the earth, save the planet, save everyone!


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