Satay Celup @ Restoran Capitol Satay Melaka

Satay Celup is very similar like steamboat. It is an assortment of raw and semi-cooked seafood, meat and vegetables on skewers that are dunked into a boiling pot. The only different is the sauce. Satay Celup are dunked in boiling peanut sauce instead of chicken soup / tomyam etc. You can only found Satay Celup in Melaka. Capitol Satay Celup is operated by Low Yong Cheng’s family. Low’s family has been in the satay celup business since the mid-1950s.

Me and Steven were here last Friday and considered myself lucky. We managed to get a table within ½ an hour. The line stretches along the row of shops leading to the restaurant, people standing by the roadside with cars speeding past them just to get a space on table in this crowded famous restaurant. Queing up at Capitol is very common. If lucky you will only wait for ½ an hour the fastest and up to an hour if the queue is super long. Especially during weekend and public holiday. Pictures of celebrities and advertisement are stacked everywhere on the wall. I have also noticed that several board written as “Dear valued customers, please be informed that Capitol Satay DO NOT have any sisters, brothers or branches in Malacca or anywhere else. DON’T BE MISLEAD!’ hanged at the entrance to wall inside of the restaurant. I guess there must be someone who is trying to be a copy cat or use their name for business. It shows how famous of this restaurant.

Over 80 types of seafood, meat and vegetables are served here with RM0.80 per skew. The sauce is constantly on the boil and I was told that it replaced for each new customer. Self-service is the mode of service here. You may order bread to be eaten with the peanut sauce. RM0.80 per skew.

The sauce is their secret recipe which attracted many customers to visit.

The skewered using foot-long bamboo sticks. These are to be dipped into the sauce. You may take as many skew of satay as you want. Yes, you are allowed to put it back to the fridge if you can’t finish. But don’t you think it is not hygiene?

The waitress will give every table a few lobsters / giant prawns in the midst of your meal. I think this is their tactic for making money. You can choose either eat or leave it.

Restoran Capitol Satay
41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka

Tel: 06-283 5508
GPS Coordinate:  N2 11.685 E102 15.126

Business Hour: Open everyday from 6pm to midnight. Closed on every Monday


2 thoughts on “Satay Celup @ Restoran Capitol Satay Melaka

  1. Zafraynn R says:

    I have just tried the capitol satay celup out of curiousity because of the long waiting line outside the shop everyday and I think it is over-rated. For me, it was not that good. I don’t think I will eat there again.

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