Craved of Cendol

With the weather increasingly getting hotter and hotter, I craved for a sweet and icy Cendol!

The basic ingredients of cendol include coconut milk, red bean, green starched noodles with artificial pandan flavouring and palm sugar (Gula Melaka).

Today, I came to No 1 Kopitiam Famous Authentic Nyonya Cendol. I personally think the Cendol here is more tasty than Jonker 88. I also like to go to Sam Suk Gong for their special Cendol, their signature Cendol is Durian Cendol.

No. 1 Kopitiam Famous Nyonya Cendol
No. 1 Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat), Melaka

Tel: 06-335 7443 / 013-680 4473

Open weekdays from 11am to 6pm and 11am to 10pm on weekends


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